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    Yahoo !! Got Appproved at VSC

    Hi All, I got the Production Card Ordered email from CRIS today with following message: "Current Status: Card production ordered. On August 29, 2007, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will...
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    Any Approval from VSC

    I am wondering what about the cases still pending with VSC and CSC. Is there any approvals for the cases pending there. Now a day I see approvals from TSC and NSC only. Thanks, DK
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    File with IO at VSC

    Hi All, I called the IO today at VSC. She told me that my file is IO since August 9th but the her system shows that Name Check is pending. She told me that may be IO has some update about Name Check as he/she working on my file. She also told that Officers normally pick up the file again...
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    Any New VSC to TSC Transfers

    Anybodies I-485 case got transferred from VSC to TSC after April 2007. What will be fate of I-485 case still with VSC. Are they approving it in VSC? Thanks.
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    2 Jobs while on EAD

    Hi, Can someone have 2 fulltime jobs while on EAD. Please advice. Thanks, D. :confused:
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    Need Interim Advance Parole

    Hi, My I-131 application is pending for 6 months now. I haven't heard anything from them. I need to travel outside US on family emergency. Can I apply for interim AP somewhere. Please advice. Thanks, DK
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    Different Finger Prints for I-485 and EAD

    Do we need to go for Finger Prints twice: One for I-485 process and Second for EAD? Please advice. Thanks, DK
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    Any problem with pre-approved labor??

    Hi, I would like to know if there is any problem in using pre-approved labor for Green Card. Thanks, DK
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    RIR from Massachusetts

    Hi, My company is willing to start my Green Card processing from Massachusetts. I am wondering is it advisable to file RIR cases now. I have done MS in Computer Science here. And I am IIT graduate. Do company gets lot of query under RIR cases. Please advice. Thanks in Advance, DK
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    New H1 Stamping

    Hi, I was in F1 VISA and recently got my H1 approved. I want to get my passport stamped. For H1 transfer or extension, people send their passport to U.S. Department of State (Bureau of Consular Affairs) at St. Louis, MO. I am wondering if they do staming for new H1 too. I will getting H1...
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    F1 to H1

    Hi, I was in student VISA (F1) and my Optional Pratical Training expired on May 20th, 2003. My employer has filed my H1 on May 7th by regular process. It may take probably 3 months at Vermont Center. My question is: whether it's perfectly alright as far as legal status goes. I had the...