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    AP Forms returned from NSC

    My friend applied paper based EAD and AP to Nebraska Service Center but his application is returned with the check saying that he need to submit the application to TSC. But when USCIS returned the application, they kept all EAD related papers and returned only AP papers back but they...
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    AP approval while in India

    I am sorry if this was answered in earlier posts. This is for my friend. My friend's current AP expires on November 27. And he applied for new AP on July 3. He hasn't got the approval yet. Can he leave the country without getting the new AP in September and come back in the month of...
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    Delay in Passport renewal in Washington D.C. Indian Embassy

    Delay in getting Passport by mail from Indian Embassy, Washington D.C. Hi, I sent my papers and old passport for getting new passport to Indian Embassy in Washington D.C. on 18th January 2007 and they reached on 22nd Jan according to USPS Tracking. In their website it is mentioned that it...
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    I-485 approved after 3 years 1 month

    Just now got approval emails from USCIS-CSSO (2 for me and 2 for my wife), and didn't get e-mails from CRIS. This has been a long journey for me as I was waiting for NC to complete from 10/2003. I did my FP2 on 10/21/2006, some guys who did FP during that time frame can expect the good news...
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    December Visa Bulletin is out

    Here is the link. Kirdar