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    Is form I-134 mandatory for visitor visa

    Hi , I am planning to visit my cousin in USA on my own expenses and do not want any financial support from him. Do I still need I-134 as a supporting document while applying for visa. Please advise. Thank you
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    J1 visa waiver

    Hi , I was on J1 visa and on expiration returned back to my country in May 2015.I came to know that I was subject to 212E in Oct 2014 and immdiately started teh process of getting the waiver . I followed the steps for J1 visa waiver as listed on website After receiving the copies...
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    H1 B visa

    Hi , My employer applied for H1B visa in April 2015 . Till date we have not received any update from USCIS . The attorney says that they have not received any receipt or specific update regarding my case . Also they have not received back the application from USCIS. Does this mean my...
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    change of status from j1 to b2

    Hello, My J1 visa is expiring soon and i am subject to 2 year home residency requirement . Can i apply for B2 visa(tourist visa) to travel around in the US before my J1 visa expires. thanks
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    what is immigration status between J1 expiration & H1b approval

    Hi , I am currently on J1 visa, which is expiring in 2 months. I have an offer in hand from a company who is ready to sponsor H1b visa for me. As per my understanding H1b is approved and stamping is done in October. Can i continue to stay and work in US when J1 expires and H1b is in process...