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    I-485 Denied

    Hi Gurus On Aug 8, 2011, my I-485 was denied for the reason that I have been working in the US without the Service's (USCIS) authority. Background 1. My application is familiy based-unmarried child over 21 of a USC 2. I have a valid EAD that expires in 12/31/2011 3. I've been on an...
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    Pending AOS

    Can I get married to an F1 while my I-485 family based petition is pending? Can I petition on her behalf for AOS? How soon must I inform USCIS of the change in marital status? Do I need to file an I-130 in this case? oh by the way, her OPT expires on 05/31 Are the options above...
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    EB Visa

    I have a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation counseling. Can this be considered a professional skill or trade for the purposes of EB-1 through 4? How do you go about the process of application? Do I need an employer to do it for me or I can just go solo? How different is it from H1-B? How...
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    H1B Denied

    Hello Fellas Quick questions to all the gurus out here. 1. If your H1-B is denied what legal options do you have to stay in status? 2. Can you do a new application on the same breath with amendments of the denied application? 3. Can you file an appeal and a new application concurrently...
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    I-485 Interview

    Hi all Does anyone know how long it takes after AOS interview to get a decision? I went for an interview on Feb 18, 2011 and still waiting. I was told that a decision will come out in 4-6weks. It's now running into 8wks. Any ideas?
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    I-130 Reopened

    Hi All I don't know if anyone here has had the same experience. I had my I-130 revoked upon the death of my father in 2008. In 2010 I wrote a letter to Homeland Security seeking a re-instatement of the petition as provided for in the new law. On March 28, 2011 I received a letter ordering...