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    Finally Approval Notice

    To all!!!, Hey all, I just received an approval notice this morning in my email and I am waiting for the real things. This forum has been a lot of help and support and I appreciate all your contribution and opinions. Those who are still waiting I pray you get your petitions approved sooner...
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    Now Bio Expired So What Next!!!!?? Help

    I did my Bio code 3 on April 14th 2006 which means its exactly 15 months since then. My LUD is the 12th this month after submitting my corrected Medical/Physical received by USCIS on the 10th this month [July]. Does that mean that I will have to do the Bios again before I can get approved...
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    What does this mean?

    Hi everyone, After waiting for one and three months since I sent my Medicals I got the message that my I-693 were not properly completed as the CS omitted to show the skin test reaction due to BCG immunization. Alongside that there is this Orange/Yellow sheet that I am supposed to return with...