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    AP Forms returned from NSC

    My friend applied paper based EAD and AP to Nebraska Service Center but his application is returned with the check saying that he need to submit the application to TSC. But when USCIS returned the application, they kept all EAD related papers and returned only AP papers back but they...
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    AP approval while in India

    I am sorry if this was answered in earlier posts. This is for my friend. My friend's current AP expires on November 27. And he applied for new AP on July 3. He hasn't got the approval yet. Can he leave the country without getting the new AP in September and come back in the month of...
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    Address Change after getting Green Card

    I guess AR-11 is enough Now you can file AR-11 form online. I think it is enough to file AR-11 form. Thanks, Kirdar
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    Name check cleared and upcoming address change...Pros/cons???

    Do get in touch with your attorney In my case even though I changed my address properly with USCIS, sometimes they may send it to old address, but this happens rarely. So, I sent a written mail to USCIS about address change and mailed to VSC after I came to know that my FP notices were sent...
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    Delay in Passport renewal in Washington D.C. Indian Embassy

    My old passport was expiring in June 2007. And when I got my new passport it's starting date is from Feb 2007. I don't think they will give a new passport before 1 year and I don't want to send the passport just like that as there won't be any reply through email/fax/phone calls once you...
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    Delay in Passport renewal in Washington D.C. Indian Embassy

    Got my passport by mail Finally I received my old and new passports. I got it on this 2/16. So indian embassy took almost a month. But in their website they mentioned that they will take 5 business days to process each passport application. Kirdar
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    Delay in Passport renewal in Washington D.C. Indian Embassy

    Thanks Thans for your reply AI_aos. Please post the reply when you get your son's passport back from them. Any how I am not sure how to know whether the money order which I took from Post office is encashed or not. But any how I will call post office and will enquire about it. Kirdar
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    Delay in Passport renewal in Washington D.C. Indian Embassy

    Delay in getting Passport by mail from Indian Embassy, Washington D.C. Hi, I sent my papers and old passport for getting new passport to Indian Embassy in Washington D.C. on 18th January 2007 and they reached on 22nd Jan according to USPS Tracking. In their website it is mentioned that it...
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    Question regarding FOIPA Request - which form to use?

    Second One. I submitted this form Privacy Act Request Form ( I also made this form to be notarized, bank officer will write at the bottom of this form. Not sure whether notary is reruired or not. And I didn't send any other letter.
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    I-485 approved after 3 years 1 month

    Hope you have given Code2 or Code3 in your first FP. And wait for less than 30 days (these days USCIS saying within 60 days) you should get an approval email. All the best - kirdar
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    I-485 approved after 3 years 1 month

    Thanks EB1ORAUG2005, assur, noshs, akaya1973, USCIS_GC_APPRO, Club-4 and Colonel... Club-4 ==> My FP Code in notice is Code1 but when I went to ASC they took Code3, I think these days they are doing Code3 if you have not done it in earlier FP's. In most of the cases I see whatever code they...
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    I-485 approved after 3 years 1 month

    Thanks IPC302 and Aakash. I have only two LUD's for my I-485 and my wife's I-485 after FP2 i.e., on 10/23 and 11/04. No LUD's changed on I-140 or EAD or AP.
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    I-485 approved after 3 years 1 month

    Just now got approval emails from USCIS-CSSO (2 for me and 2 for my wife), and didn't get e-mails from CRIS. This has been a long journey for me as I was waiting for NC to complete from 10/2003. I did my FP2 on 10/21/2006, some guys who did FP during that time frame can expect the good news...
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    VSC I-485 EB2 approval

    Congratulations! I got my approvals just now. Kirdar
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    485 Approved

    Congratulations Congrats - Kirdar
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    How to verify address with INS??

    Some times even that is not sufficient In my case, I updated my change of address in AR-11 and also CIS. And I also got mail from USCIS that my address is updated with new address. But when I received FP notice it went to the address where I applied my GC. Luckly, my attorney sent those...
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    December Visa Bulletin is out

    Here is the link. Kirdar
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    Case Status enquiry??????

    That's a good news for me as I am waiting for it for more than 3 years now. Even I enquired on 9/21 and got reply yesterday. Generally they used to take less than 30 days to reply for enquiries now they are taking more than 45 days. I did my 2nd FP on 10/21. LUD's changed on 10/23 and 11/04.
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    Have a Question about Lab. Sub. cases...

    My friend got GC without any issues My friend landed here in 2001. He got Labor Substitute of 1999 and applied I-485 in July'05. and his case is approved without any issues on this march.
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    Case Status enquiry??????

    I received the same reply Even I got the reply yesterday (11/9) in the mail with the same message. My PD is current from this May'06 and I am stuck in Name Check, does it mean my NC is cleared.