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  1. veronice

    Old Photo used - interview result?

    This thread is for all the people that used an old picture on the DV Lottery application and the result of their interview. There has been many cases where the green card is denied because they used an old photo to apply. But there's also cases where they used old photos and were approved...
  2. veronice

    DV 2021, passport requirement Venezuela

    Hi, all. I have a tough question: with the current political situation in Venezuela, the President (recognized by USA) stated that all Venezuelan passports will be valid for 5 years past their expiration date. This, because Venezuelans in the exile are having really bad times trying to have a...
  3. veronice

    No passport for the interview

    Hi everybody! Have a friend who won DV2019 but she hasn't been able to send the papers because her baby hasn't received his passport. She's about to lose her chance, but she's in Venezuela and have to travel to Colombia for her interview. Is anything she can do to send the papers without the...
  4. veronice


    This thread is for all selectees in SA, to post your Case Number (don't forget to X the last 2 or 3 numbers) and to help each other in this process. Good luck to you all!!! CN: SA27XX
  5. veronice

    #Pray for Venezuela

    Excuse me for use this forum to ask you for this... My country is under heavy protests right now. We have information blackout and we don't even know what is happening in the streets. The only tool we have is twitter, and the government is blocking the images. We need the world to know, to pray...
  6. veronice

    International Migrants Day

    Today is the International Migrants Day! May all of us receive our so anticipated Green cards and become one in the year to come. Good luck to all!