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    Got approved but have question

    Hi I got approved asylum in April 2018 and me and my wife we both filed together and after a few weeks we received my I 94 But we did not get anything for my wife so I contacted the asylum office I contacted immigration court, the judge's office but I couldn't get any reply that how can I get...
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    Travelling to India through Nepal

    Hi i just recently got my asylum approved. Just have a question that i heard a lot of people travelling to india through nepal as there is no visa requirement and stamping to enter or exit to india from nepal. Has ony one that experience or know anything about it as India is my COP and i dont...
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    Interview done on dec 27

    hey i got my interview after 2 years and i had no time to prepare for the interview.but the interview went really well. The officer was nice and she was asking one or 2 questions repeatedly after a few questions.but mh answers were the same at all times .i did not change my answers at all. After...