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    Its My Turn..yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Dear friends, Its a big relief!! Came to know that my GC is approved. It has been quite a long journey... I just dont have enough words to say!! Thanks to great contributors of this forum..I have been silent visitor but used to read every message/thread..I really appreciate Mr.sbctblc [ i...
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    2ndFP done..when will BCIS update it ?

    Folks, I am sure this q might have come many times.. appreicate any inputs on this.. a) Feb RD 2002. b) fp1 may 13 2002 c) fp2 Sep 26 2003 BCIS site still not updated indicating 2nd fp is done..? Does this get updated ? after how long ? Any predictions when i could get my...
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    FEB Filer - 2nd FP notice - Need inputs

    Folks, Appreciate your inputs!. My RD:2/14/02 , ND:-03/08/02 FP1 5/13/02. I got FP2 notice today via mail. I did not receive FP2 notice for my wife. She has the same RD/ND/FP1 dates as mine. Any idea why this maybe so ? Should I wait before I go and get my FP2 done ? Should I...
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    To monitor our own EAC series

    Folks, Just wanted to share my thoughts. We keep asking either JanMM ( user id ) or "Kashmir" to scan for all 485 applications and status for those. Will it not be better if each of contribute in this effort. For example, user "x or y or z" has EAC of 091 series. Then any of x, y , z...