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  1. Ifitis2be

    180 days absence a problem?

    I am filing for naturalization and have these 3 concerns: 1. One of my trips lasted 180 so an alert came up that I may have broken continuous stay. I have looked at the rule and it says being outside of the US for OVER 180 days, constitutes a break. I seem to even recall 182 days. This should...
  2. Ifitis2be

    Denied I-751, pending court date and travel

    Asking for a friend as he does not have access to the internet....he got his green card through mariage to an American citizen. He recently filed for removal of conditions (form 751) but was denied as uscis deemed that his mariage was not a bonified one. He is appealing and was given an August...
  3. Ifitis2be

    Can I file for citizenship?

    Hi @Sm1smom @SusieQQQ and everyone, I became a green card holder through the DV program (lotto)on Jan 20, 2015. I plan on filing for citizenship on March 20 of this year. By then I will have spent 935 days in the US and about 950 away due to the charity work I do in Africa. I have never been...
  4. Ifitis2be

    Website to check number of days in US

    Hello, What’s the immigration website to check the number of days i was in & out of usa please? Also where do I check the 90 days before eligibility dates? Thanks a lot