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    wac030175**** approved

    KrishnaGopal, Yes, I am from San Jose and will post the experience once I am done with the stamping. LT
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    wac030175**** approved

    The fax# is 949-389-3055 and the contents look like the following: Dear Sir/Madam, I am send this fax hoping for a speedy processing of my pending I-485 (wac030175****, concurrent EB-2). Here are the situation of my case: I-140 approved in 01/2003, 2nd FP and name check cleared in 04/2004...
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    wac030175**** approved

    Hi all, Want to share this wonderful news with all of you and truly hope the same will happen to you soon. Thanks so much for all the support we shared within this blessing group!!! Here are the details: It took me exactly three years to get the green card (LC filed 04/2001) I-485...
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    Approvals based on Kashmir stats(From 06/17 to 06/30)

    longwait_2001, Do you happen to know that how many post 07/2002 cases got approved from the pilot program? Thanks! LT
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    The procedure to change lawyer

    Aaja-GC, Thanks very much for your great detailed info!!! LT wac030175****
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    The procedure to change lawyer

    after I-485 was filed? My whole green card process was handled by my current company's lawyer. Now I am in the middle of switching jobs and therefore my lawyer as well. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me over this issue! LT wac030175****
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    RFE on the way

    What if you changed company and lawyer? Will the RFE be forwarded to you or your new lawyer? Thanks in advance! LT WAC03017
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    Change job after I-485 filed

    Hi all, How INS differentiate whether you were laid off or change the job yourself or does it matter? Please offer your advice and thanks very much! LT wac030175*
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    Can I do H1-B transfer under a pending H1-B extension

    if I change job? Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance! LT
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    Can I do H1-B transfer under a pending H1-B extension

    if I change job? Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance! LT wac03017
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    go back to H1 from EAD. Please Help!!!

    tihomg, Why didn't you do a H1-B transfer instead? Thanks! LT
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    Going back to H1 from EAD??

    Hi ramavataar, Just wonder why you can't do a H1-B transfer instead of applying for a new one? Thanks! LT
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    What if I switch job voluntarily

    instead of being laid off, could I still benefit AC21? Thanks very much for any input! LS WAC03017
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    Poll - Time to Send the Petition to CSC?

    How many signatures we have collected so far? If it is close to a thousand, I say we should go for it.
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    I found why the DELAY is

    Hi justchecking, Would you please be nice? No one forces you to read. This is a country with free choices!!!
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    I found why the DELAY is

    Immigration Funding Details Murky in FY 2004 Budget Proposal President Bush on February 3 submitted his FY 2004 budget proposal that includes funding for the new Department of Homeland Security. This submission begins the budget process for FY 2004. This process has not worked well or...
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    Project Kashmir:WAC-02 all I485 case status

    Really great job and we all thank you :)
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    Amazing story about emergency AP

    codex, thanks for sharing your experience. Good luck to you and to all of us!