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    Family immigration for sibling

    My wife is applying for immigrant visa for her sister. The application process says she need to submit her and her sister's birth certificate to prove that they are from same parent. The problem is, my wife do not have a birth certificate. During our green card process, we used...
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    Rajiv Khanna -- the best immigration Attorney

    I recently got my Green Card after 6 long years. During the process , I have interacted with multiple Attorneys either through forums/chats or direct consultation with my employers' Attorneys (I changed employment after filing 485). Though Rajiv was not my formal Attorney (my employer...
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    RFE for 485 -- AC21

    I had to change job after filing 485 (EB2) and now have an RFE To submit Employment Letter. Among other things, they are also asking for Educational Requirements for the position. I have 3 year BAchelors + 3 Year Masters (MCA) with tonns of experience. the PERM listed requirement as...
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    Medical Test

    My child has mild autism and Fragile X diagnosis . She is at grade level with regular students but get speech therapy. When her PCP gave the vaccine report, the paper included all her history including Fragile X. The Civil Surgeon has now asked us to get a letter from PCP stating what is...
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    Impact of relocation within same Metro area

    I work as a FTE on H1. Our office has moved to a new location which is within 10 miles of old office and same Metropolitan area. Do I need a new LCA ? I am getting conflicting opinion . Also, my PERM and 140 have been approved (based on the old location). 485 not applied. Is...
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    W-9 on H1

    I am working as an FTE in a small company (not consulting). Our company is wholly owned by another large company but we maintain our own Tax ID. Recently I had some expenses related to business travel. After I submitted the claim, it was forwarded to the parent company. The parent...
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    H1 Extension -- Employer asking to share cost

    My H1 extension was applied a couple of weeks back. Now, the employer is saying that they will deduct the Attorney cost and filing fee (except $1500 training fee whcih employer must pay) from my monthly pay check. Is this legal ?