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    How to check when physical green card was mailed or will be mailed?

    My green card renewal was approved back in April 2018. I was told the new replacement card would be mailed to me however I have not received the card after about 4 months. Is there a way I can check if the card has been mailed or when it will be mailed? Thanks a lot
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    Is it a problem leaving the U.S. with expired green card?

    My parents' green cards will expire next summer, but they don't plan to file for renewal or replacement cards. They will leave the U.S. next fall. Would it be a problem after their green cards have expired? I don't think the US Custom cares about it when people are going outside of the U.S...
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    When to file for green card replacement?

    My green card will expire in August 2018. Can I file for a replacement card in February 2018, 6 month before expiration date? Thanks a lot for advice
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    Need advanced parole or reentry permit if outside of US between 6 months and 1 year?

    So if they stay outside of US between 6 months and one year, do they have to file advanced parole? and before they leave US? Thanks
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    Need advanced parole or reentry permit if outside of US between 6 months and 1 year?

    My parents have had green card for 3 years. They plan to go to China in November but not sure when to return. If they stay in China between 6 months and 1 year, do they need to file for Advanced Parole or Re-entry Permit (I-131)? Do they need to file before they leave US or can I file for them...
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    How long to wait after green card before eligible for benefits?

    GC through family based application.
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    How long to wait after green card before eligible for benefits?

    Can someone share the experience of getting state benefits after green card? I got my green card this year in Kansas. Want to apply for food stamps and housing assistance, but some people told me I have to wait for 5 years to be eligible. Is that true in other states too? Thanks
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    Can I apply for SSN while I-485 is pending?

    I filed for I-485 through my son after he got the citizenship. Can I apply for social security number before receive the green card approval? My visa has expired long time ago. I'm out of status now. Thanks
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    A Question to "efmef"

    Hi efmef: According to your signature, your parents' applications were transferred to CSC on 3/28/08. Have you heard anything from CSC since? My parents also had their I-485 transferred to CSC in early April, and my I-130 too. Have no idea if this would make things go quicker or slower...
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    Is it a normal process that I-485 transferred to California Service Center?

    Thanks for the information. Is there any difference between the 4 service centers for processing green card applications? Does USCIS keep about the same amount of cases for all 4 centers or centers process different type of applications? Thanks
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    Is it a normal process that I-485 transferred to California Service Center?

    We submitted I-130, I-864, I-485 with all their supporting documents to Chicago lockbox address last month. We just received USCIS letters yesterday that I-130 and I-485 were transferred to California Service Center (in order to speed up processing). Is this a normal process for them? Has any of...
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    Any difference between country of origin in direct relative I-485 processing?

    I got my US citizenship and sponsoring my parents' I-485 as direct relatives. Just wondering if there's difference in USCIS processing based on what country applicants are citizens. I'm guessing there should not be for direct relatives, but would like to ask if anyone knows more about it...
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    Good way to package all types of forms together?

    I'm the petitioner for my mom as applicant to AOS. We will have all of these forms mailed together in one package: my I-130 and I-864, her I-325a, I-485, and I-693, as well as copies of supporting documents for those forms. It's a big package when USCIS receives it. I was wondering if some of...
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    Local police clearence needed for filing I-485?

    My parents have been here in the US for three years. For filing I-485, do they need to get police clearence from our local police department for the time in the US? or not a concern at all since they will have finger prints taken for FBI clearence later on? Thanks a lot
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    Should I use seperate checks for each form or one lump sum?

    Hi mesbahul: I plan to mail my parents' applications in one big envelop, but have two smaller envelops inside for each of their individual applications. Would this be ok from your experience? Thanks immi2001
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    Please help with a few details for filing I-864 and I-485

    Can you help me with the following questions? I couldn't find exact answers from their instructions. If I'm the sponsor of I-864, do I need to have the form notarized (by my bank for example)before mailing to USCIS? Do I need to have a employment verification letter? Can I submit tax...
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    Should I use seperate checks for each form or one lump sum?

    I'm filing petition for my parents with I-130, I-864, and I-485 all in two big packages (one for each). Should I write seperate checks for I-130 and I-485 for each of them? (4 checks total). Or can I just write one check combining I-130 and I-485 for each? Thanks immi2001
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    Should I use I-485 for my parents' application?

    I just received citizenship and am about to file application for my parents' green card. The issue is they have been out of status for over a year. They came to the states as B-2 visitors. They are with me now. I went over I-485 instructions about eligibility to adjust status, and it says you...
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    Can someone share Oath experience?

    I had the interview back in early November 2007 but have not received the oath letter. I'm just trying to gather some information about it. Hopefully the letter can come soon and I can be ready quickly. Can some of you share your experience? I know it would be different from city to city, but...