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    How to report a GC sponsor name change to USCIS?

    Hey folks, its been a while ;) My wife is a US citizen and I received my GC in Nov 08, with her as the sponsor. Since then, we've moved and USCIS has a nice form for you to update their records with. However, recently my wife changed her last name to take mine, and I am at a loss of how to...
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    I-751 filers be aware

    USCIS has updated the filing instructions for I-751. Based on you state of residence, you HAVE to file at CSC or VSC. If you file with the wrong service center you application will be rejected. Read the USCIS statement here
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    Biometrics in Indianapolis

    I received my FP notice yesterday, and of course it is on one of the only 3 days in August that I cannot make it (I made a bet with my wife on it and I won :p). I'm debating what to do, try for a walk-in, or just send the notice back requesting a rescheduling. I'm leaning towards just going and...
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    July 2008 filers here?

    I can hardly imagine I would be the only one here filing this month, so if July is your month, post updates here. I just sent off the whole pkg (130, 485, G325A's, 693, 864EZ, 765, 131) per Fedex. Was hoping to file earlier this month but dunces in my birth town sent birth certificate per boat...
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    I-131; AP reasons

    I did a search but couldn't really find anything. Regarding filing I-131 for advanced parole, what are considered valid reasons to apply for AP (other than family emergencies/business travel)? My (USC) wife and I are preparing the packet to file for my AOS, and were wondering what chance we...