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    Advice on tax return stuff

    Hi guys, I'm the winner of the DV lottery, and immigrated to the US last year in August. After getting my temporary green card I stayed for a week, then went back to Australia for a month. I've been living in the US since October. I'm having some trouble figuring out if I have to file a...
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    Filing my first tax return

    Hi all, I immigrated to the US in August of last year, although I only stayed in the country for a week, before going back to Australia for a month. I then have been in the US since the beginning of October. I've never filed a tax return before, but I understand as a green card holder I...
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    Passport received, no email that visa is issued?

    Hey all, I've had a bit of a delay from my interview on the 7th, having to send in further documents that were not received till the 18th. I got the standard email about hearing back n 4 weeks since mail is sorted offsite. I just got an email from Loomis saying my passport will be...
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    I made it! Happy to answer questions...

    I had my interview this morning....I was very nervous as I had to turn up with a damaged passport an even some missing documents (the worst luck!). I arrived at the embassy in montreal at about 7:30am and there were already a lot of people waiting. I had to go and ring to get my courier...
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    Documents to bring to interview

    There is a PDF file for my embassy which lists the documents to bring for my interview and the order to arrange them in. I think some of these may not apply to me, or I am unsure what they are. I'm hoping other people could advise. The ones I am confused about: Form DS‐230 part I and...
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    i-134 vs i864

    nevermind. I would delete this thread if i could.
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    Getting DV visa without passport?

    I have a problem with my passport, as it is damaged and not fit for travel. I asked the embassy about postponing my interview, however I was advised to still turn up to the interview and deal with my passport issue at a later date. I will have all my other stuff, police certs, birth...
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    Changing interview

    I think I have to change my interview as my passport has become damaged, and could not have a visa issued in it. I will not be able to have a passport issued before the date of my interview, and there is no priority processing fee. Is changing my interview a bad idea, or will it have any...
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    must photocopies be certified?

    I have acquired all my academic records, direct from the schools involved, as well as a birth certificates and police checks from governments. I understand that on the day of my interview I must bring photocopies of these documents. Do these photocopies need to be certified/notarized? Is...
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    Aussie help....showing I completed year 10.

    I didn't complete 12 years of high school, instead doing a TAFE course and then getting a bachelors and a masters degree. I have confirmed with the embassy that I am eligible for the DV visa on the basis of having a masters degree. Still, I would like to show as best as possible that I...
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    For those of you who showed evidence of academic degrees

    For those of you who showed evidence of higher education, certificates, diplomas or degrees, did you simply show evidence that you have obtained the award, or did you show full academic transcripts? Can anyone confirm if they were fine with just showing a copy of their award without needing...
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    What is your priority date?

    I don't see it anywhere on my notification letter. What is the priority date for DV entrants with an interview? To register for DHL delivery it is asking for my priority date...
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    Questions about the Affidavit of Support

    I've managed to get a sponsor, which makes me a lot more confident and is a huge load of my chest! So, just some questions. It seems there are a few different forms for the affidavit of support. Is it correct that the one for DV category applications is form I-134? How recent does it...
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    RCMP police check in Canada

    Has anyone on the forum completed an RCMP police check in Canada? Could you share your experiences? It seems there is no formal application form to send in, and that you simply send in a written request along with a set of fingerprints and the processing fee. Is this correct? It says it...
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    What are peoples experiences with getting documents translated? Will any competent translator suffice? What must the statement from the translator state? Is there a template or examples available somewhere? I need to get a German police check certified within Canada and want to make sure...
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    How many of you registered with DHL to get your passport back after interview?

    I emailed the embassy but got kind of a copypaste response...everything i read seems to apply to other visa types and not necessarily DV visas. This site: doesn't seem to be for DV visas, or it is? Wanting to make sure not to make any...
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    After you get the GC, can you visit as a tourist?

    I am living in Canada at present. Assuming I get my GC in June, I would like to go for just a few days in mid july for a conference, before moving there permanantly in alte july. Is that possible? Or will going in 'activate' something and make it harder to leave/come in a second time?
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    Do police certificates need to be obtained in the last six months?

    I thought I recalled reading this on one of the official pages but can't seem to find it now. Is this correct? That a police certificate obtained say 7 months before an interview is not valid? Even if you haven't been back to the country you obtained it from since obtaining it?
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    I can't tell if I need a police check for where I live now??

    I'm an Aussie living in Canada for about 8 months, which will have been 10 months at the time of my interview. I can't tell if I need a police certificate for Canada or not. The page only mentions countries other than my country of nationality where i have lived for more than 12 months...
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    Got my interview....just some questions!

    So I got my interview the worrying and excitement can truly start! So, my interview is June 8th....eek! So...Im an Aussie living in Canada....and have some questions about things I want to double and triple check before I go! 1) I will be going through the US/away from Canada...