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    File Online -

    Hello, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I'm trying to submit an application on but when I log in and click on "File a form online" button, it just takes me back to the main page. I tried it in Chrome and Edge with the same result. What am I doing wrong? Or is their site...
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    Renew GC and/or Apply for Citizenship

    Hi all, Our GC's are set to expire next April. We would like to apply for Citizenship but I'm afraid we won't get it in time before our GC's expire. Should we apply for both GC renewal and Citizenship? Thank you, GDH
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    DV2010 Adjustment Of Status

    Hi, I live in the US with my wife and I was selected for DV2010. I was very happy until I stumbled upon this forum. Then I started freaking out. Since we're in the US I thought we don't have to send anything to KCC, we just have to apply for adjustment of status. Now, it looks like we need to...