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    For all who received YL states "you have been arrested..." Ohnoo, anusingh72 and others

    I disclosed a traffic ticket, got the YL with the "you've been arrested...", was unable to obtain a paid receipt (but did try), but officer did not ask about it. (The only things IO asked for were my DL and GC to make copies of)
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    Is STATE tax return needed for the interview?

    State returns are not required, however, keep in mind that you certify that you owe no back taxes to the Fed, state, and other localities. Therefore it is implied that you filed state tax returns as required. If you did not, that needs fixing before you can be approved.
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    Yesterday i received my Oath letter - March 16. The end is in sight :) Best of luck to all those waiting on IL/Oath letters.
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    Also glad to see everyone moving along. I am also still waiting for my oath letter, even though the IO i had said she would put it in for expedited scheduling. They do oaths in St Louis on the last friday of the month, and the only last friday of the month I will be in town is February. I'll be...
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    There a few advantages to living in the midwest vs an area like NJ/NY :P. I hope everyone else's timelines will catch up soon. It is quite a relief to be done with this journey.
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    N-400 approved I just went to my interview and was approved :) Interview took not even 15 minutes. Had a very friendly lady IO. Come in, oath, writing test, civics test, go through application, sign and done. She did brush the speeding ticket I disclosed, but was unable to obtain a...
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    Yeah, it appears your mileage may vary depending on the town. The lady was very friendly, for sure, but one reason I physically went there in the first place is because I could not get a hold of them by phone (which apparently was a sign). This is a podonk town that is known as the local...
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    I had the same thing for a $107 speeding ticket. I know this topic has been discussed to death on the boards here, but USCIS should really be more consistent. I went to the 2-horse town (town hall, municipal court, and police station all housed in a single 1500sqft house) where I got my ticket...
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    I received the yellow letter yesterday. It said to bring arrest records (never arrested, just declared a $107 speeding ticket). I don't have the original ticket (or check image used to pay it) anymore as it was years ago, but planning to try and obtain either a paid receipt or a letter stating...
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    Received IL today. January 18th.
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    Completed biometrics today. Lady that took them said IL should probably be coming very soon as apparently N-400s are being processed very quickly at St Louis currently.
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    2011 October N400 Tracker

    Sent in N400 package to Phoenix earlier this week and just received a delivery receipt from FedEx.
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    USC Last name Change and I-751

    I had the same situation. When time came to file I751, I filled out my wife's current last name and noted on the form (sticky note) that she had changed her name since I485 approval. I submitted some evidence to show the name change (copy of her updated SS card and her passport). I-751 was...
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    I-751 September 2010 Filers

    There are no guarantees, but it appears typical delivery is < 3 weeks. Once the card has been produced, they will send it priority mail. If it has not arrived by the time you leave, you will still be ok to travel with your old card and the I-751 extension letter. My case was approved on the...
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    Registered for Selective Service on F1?!

    I have the same "issue". Came to the US on J-1 in 2002 (age 23) (and then again in 2003 on F-1). I can't recall exactly when or why I signed up, but it was either in the paperwork package from the University I attended (and they told me to register), or I filled it out at the DMV because they...
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    Travel during I-485 processing

    While 3 months is possible with approved AP, this long a period may lead you to miss your initial interview date. It is not recommended to try and reschedule interviews, unless absolutely necessary.
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    I-751 September 2010 Filers

    I received an email and a text today: "Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On December 15, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you." It appears they have finally started working on September :). Hopefully this means all...
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    I751 Application - 2 NOAs Received

    What service center did you file at? CSC has had a system glitch that led to a bunch of rogue NOA's being sent out. Most of those happened to cases after biometrics completion though. Checking receipt numbers won't help, unless one of the NOA's is a biometrics appointment letter (you cannot look...
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    How to Apply for a Green Card- Do it Yourself

    It is actually $680 now, biometrics fee went up $5.
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    USCIS fee increase in effect Tuesday November 23, 2010

    That would indeed be the new total for I-130+I-485+biometrics