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    Sydney Consulate and emails

    Hi. My spouse has her IR-1 interview next Tuesday, July 1st. On June 12th, we sent an email to the Consulate (using the designated email address) asking permission for me, the petitioner, to attend the interview. Sydney allows this, but demands that you get prior permission. We heard nothing...
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    I-130 Sponsor - translation question

    I am a US Citizen, and will be sponsoring my spouse and filling out the I-130 soon. I was born in Germany to US Citizens (Dad was in the US Army). I have a birth certificate (in German), a "Report of Birth - Child born abroad of American Parents" (in English), and my Naturalization...
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    DV 2014 Hopefuls - It's that time again!!!

    Hi to all DV2014 hopefuls! At this point there are 72 days until we can check to see if we (or our loved one, in my case) have won a slot! I know there are lots of names that I have seen year after year - all hopefuls (waving at Qewty!), and my prayer this year is that we are ALL successful...
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    P.O.E. - Port of Entry

    I've noticed that a number of people are mistaking the "Point (or Port) of Entry" with the "City in the USA in which I will live". The POE - or Port of Entry - is the airport (usually) where you will go through immigration processing. This means it will usually be an international airport...
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    Diversity Lottery or Marriage Visa?

    OK - this is a hypothetical question.... I am part of a same-gender couple - the US part. The Supreme Court may rule on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act in June 2013, Section 3 of which prevents me from sponsoring my partner for a Green Card. She usually enters the US...
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    Seven Days to Go!!!

    Just wishing everyone good luck in the "second" draw for 2013, *IF* there is one. I see that the State Department is still being cagey - "may be" instead of "will be". I know all of us who have been trying over and over are on pins and needles waiting for October 1st. Post any truths or...
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    Has ANYONE gotten their 2013 results yet?

    It's been 4 hours since the release of the results, and I still haven't been able to get to the final page. In the 4 hours, I've gotten the "fill in your data" page 4 times, but then it hangs and gives up. I've been getting "SERVER TOO BUSY", and 501s and all sorts of crapola - but no...
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    Question for "Mature Age" DV Lottery winners

    My partner is a DV hopeful. She and I are in our late 50s and are both retired, by the grace of God and with really hard work. If she were to win a slot, she can demonstrate income - as she has two rental properties in her home country. However, she is "too mature" to ever qualify for the...
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    Traveling on May 1st - What DV documents to carry?

    Found answer elsewhere. Thanks. Sukie
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    DV 2012 Australia Winners - Post Here

    Hey mates! Talk about your 2012 DV Lottery experiences here! Good luck to everyone!:cool: