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    Card/ Document production of I-765 Question!!

    It should be in your mailbox a day or 2 before the website updates.So recheck your mailbox.
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    I-751 clarification question

    Usually is between 4 to 7 months.
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    Do the officer go over the tax returns during the interview?

    Bobsmyth,Even though i believe on all your contributions on this forum,I disagree with you on this one,If you dont take the tax return transcript with you to the interview,How can you convince the IO that your taxes are current if they ask??? better safe than sorry,I know alot of applicants that...
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    Do the officer go over the tax returns during the interview?

    As jack pointed out,Don't send them along with the application,But make sure you have them with you at the interview.I had a really bad experience sending my application with my tax returns,
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    Travel to Mexico with the expired green card and an extention letter

    You should be all set.She can also go to the local USCIS office and get a stamp in her passport.Make an info pass and take the extension letter you got from USCIS,If you show them youR expired GC they will take it away from you since is expired and they giving you a stamp.
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    How to sponsor father with two marriage

    U.S laws does not accept multiple marriages/polygamy.I'm sure is not gonna work,Is just like some head of states having more than one wifes but anytime they coming to the U.S.A on a state visit they come with only one first lady.
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    How to sponsor father with two marriage

    I'm sure the united states is following it's own laws, And since multiple marriages is not acceptable in the U.S the good old USCIS/IMMIGRATION will have nothing to tell you bro.
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    Passport in two weeks?

    passport in 2 weeks Is very easy,Just called the national passport 1-800 #, make an appointment and walk in the passport issuing agency with your STUFF and a proof of travel showing within 2 week's,printed( ITINERARY),and your passport will be ready in less than 24 HRS,expedited fee is...
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    Child Support Documents

    Take it with you at the time of interview.
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    I-485 Card Production email twice

    you should be celebrating.physical green card in your hand is what you need not a paper welcoming you to the united states.Not everyone gets that welcome letter.
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    2 traffic tickets

    I had about 4 tickets all of them less than $500.I did not disclose it on the N400 FORM based on most of the infor i got on this forum.And i wasn't ask about it at the interview either.So i think you should use your best judgment or the GURU'S on this forum can also give you some good infor too.
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    What is IL, YL, OL, OD .......

    Il=interview letter yl=yellow letter ol=oath letter od=oath date
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    N400 Status Still @ Testing and Interview

    Keep celebrating and forget it.It will forever remain like that
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    Need help don't want my babies deported

    You already have the answer.Take them back to london and go to the embassy to get things done over there.pretty easyyyy
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    Dv 2012 was a scam after redraw

    IF only you think that way about American's.Then stay the hell away from the lotteries and not think of winning.people like you makes the world very hard to innocent ones.
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    Social Security Citizenship Status

    Same here.I went there to update my status.And i personally told the clerk i'm not requesting for a card as my present one is in good shape.And the clerk told me they can only update my status if i filled out the form.So i did and few days later another card showed up.
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    Interview Nightmare, please help!

    I was also wondering how will that be possible adjusting status at that age.Since there's no fast or special lane in the law for G4 visa holders to acquire green card.I think there's more to the story.USCIS probably smells something funny that's why they reschedule the interview.Come clean...
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    Interview Nightmare, please help!

    POINT OF CORRECTION PAL.What do you mean"Typical immigrants"? folks here might fined that offensive.As long as you seeking U.S citizenship that means you looking for the benefits the united states offers.There's no difference how one came here.Is only one 'WORD' IMMIGRANT/LOOKING FOR BETTER...
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    Interview Nightmare, please help!

    Guys.If the IO states that the document requested should be hand delivered on a specific date.Then there's absolutly nothing anyone can do about it but wait.Remember the regular standard for requested documents/evidence time frame is 30 days and they will tell you how to send in the requested...