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    Two Years On

    Greetings fellow DV applicants! I hope by the grace of God that your applications are going smoothly and those who have been selected have been successful. My sincere apologies to those who have messaged and have received tardy or no response from me as I haven't logged onto the forum for quite...
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    The Journey Starts

    Well I managed to wrestle my way through cluster-crap Dar es Salaam traffic today and made it to the US Embassy at 1:45pm and was immediately whisked in. When I walked into the consular section I was flabbergasted by the number of people there (I could easily count 50 people) and knew I'd be...
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    Interview Outcome - 7th August - US Embassy - Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

    Well the day finally came...I was up since 3am as I couldn't sleep and was at the US Embassy at 7:20am. I finally had the pleasure of meeting another forum friend in person (msaki2012) and another young Tanzanian and we all had a very pleasant conversation outside while waiting amongst the...
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    Upcoming Interviews - Thoughts, Reflections & Interview Outcomes

    I thought the wait from the initial application way back in October 2011 to the 2nd NL was long but it seems like time flew by without me even noticing. It's the last hurdle and I've prepared everything as best as I can but Wednesday 7th August feels like an eternity away :p I'm...
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    Bare Basics/Necessities of Life Upon Entry - Feedback from Successful DV Selectees In USA Please

    Now that my number has fallen current, I am looking at the stage beyond the interview process i.e. settling in the US. Bank accounts - quite literally the majority of successful DV selectees will not have a credit history upon entering the US but from what I have read we can open a bank...
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    Visa Bulletin for August - Africa

    I read on a post that the cutoff for Africa was 81,000 for August and indeed my brother in America phoned the KCC and this was confirmed to be 81,200. Congratulations to all those current (including moi lol) and good luck with your interviews! Man that was one hell of a long wait lol
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    Obeezyb - Where Are You??????

    Bro you've disappeared on us! So what do you think will happen in a week for us high case number people?
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    Validity of Documents & Things To Do

    Dear friends and DV selectees/winners, I am hoping to have my interview sometime in July (fingers crossed if the case numbers progress fast) and I am curious about the following: - Medical - when should I ideally schedule the medical and what is the validity of the medical? - Police...
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    General Miscellaneous Issues/Questions for All - Feedback Welcome

    1) Medical - when should I schedule my medical? How long does the medical process take for an African country? 2) Bank Statements - I am the self-petitioner on my forms (and will also have I-134 from my aunt and uncle who are US citizens) therefore how many months bank statements do I need to...
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    Affidavit of Support - I-864 or I-134??? Help Needed from Successful DV Selectees

    Alright this thing seems to be getting confusing (for me anyway) but when I was doing a cross-check of the interview process and went into the Affidavit of Support it does not show I-134. Has this form become invalid and replaced by I-864? If so which one? I'm not current yet but it helps...
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    Predictions for April & May for Africa - Any Ideas?

    I'm baaack!!! Hope all of you have been keeping well and those with interviews have been successful (please pray for us hanging in with high case numbers such as myself). So anyone have any ideas on what'll happen with case numbers for April and May for Africa?
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    I've read many posts about being 125% above the official US poverty line and things such as the need to have a minimum of $14,000 in your bank account. I presume and understand (and know of) that most DV selectees with say perhaps approximately $20,000 carry their cash on them when moving to...
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    Affidavit of Support - Help/Advice/Feedback Required

    I am a DV2013 selectee from Africa and the whole Affidavit of Support is a little confusing so here's my question: My "sponsors" on my form are listed as my aunt and uncle (both US citizens) i.e. I will be living with them therefore I have provided their residential address. However on...
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    High Case Numer

    My case number is above 70,000 (below 80,000) - I know there are many posts on high case numbers but the anxiety is really getting to me. What are the chances that my number will become current and that I'll be called for an interview?