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    Biometrics for Rentry Permit

    What is the average time to receive the biometrics notice for a I-131 application in Houston? My father is getting ready to apply this week as he wants to spend some time back home with his elder siblings as they're passing away one by one. He's made a ticket booking for late April and I'm...
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    CP Embassy Dhaka

    I sponsored my father and my father appeared for his IV interview in September 07. Due to further administrative processing a visa could not be issued. In April 08 he was requested to submit his passport and appear at the Embassy. One the first day he was made to wait 5 hours before being told...
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    Consular Processing Dhaka

    My father had his interview in September 07. Couldn't issue a visa due to the necessity for additional administrative processing. I honestly thought that his case had fallen in the immigration bureaucratic black hole and was expecting the worse--3 plus years and no decision on his application...
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    Visa on "Humanitarian" Grounds

    I sponsored my father for an immigrant visa last year. He case is currently awaiting further "administrative" processing. Unfortunately, my sister is very ill in the US and is scheduled for surgery. My father would like to visit her. With his immigrant visa application pending, I know it's...
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    Immigration Visa issues

    Background: My family immigrated to the US in 1992/1993 after my uncle sponsored my father. In 1996 my parents divorced and my father decided to move to Bangladesh as a self-employed consultant for US companies (he work leads to several million dollars in US commodity exports to Bangladesh)...
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    My story again

    I haven't posted in awhile. But I recently received a copy of my Alien file through FOIPA and it held a few surprises. For background....I applied, I sued, I was denied, I was naturalized. My official denial was dated February 8, 2006. But looking in my file, it appears the decision...
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    Citizenship after 15 years of PR?

    I have an uncle (father's brother in law) who's been a green card holder for 15 years. He hardly lived in the US. He mentioned that he qualifies for citizenship since he's been a green card holder for 15 years and that the residency rules do not apply to him. That didn't sound right to me...
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    USCIS Office Numbers

    Here’s a list of direct numbers for USCIS field offices. I’m not sure what all the abbreviations for a persons title means. Also, I’m not sure how up to date these numbers are. Hope you guys find the information helpful. Office Contact Title Phone Number...
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    Head of USCIS

    I have read posts and new articles where Robert Divine is mentioned as being the Acting Director of USCIS. However, on the Department of Homeland Security website he is mentioned as being the Acting Deputy Director. Does anyone know of his actual title?
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    FBI Criminal Background Check

    I've read several that USCIS does not schedule an interview until they receive the results of the fingerprint check. Does anyone if this is done because of a law or just internal USCIS policy?
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    120 days has passed

    120 since my interview passed on October 6 without any significant correspondence from USCIS regarding my case though I sent several certified requests. However, I did get a AR-11 from the local office the other day. Anyways, here's the letter I wrote to the officer in charge of the Norfolk...
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    Address Change/ AR-11

    I had a change of address back in June. My new address was updated by the officer himself during my interview. Shortly afterwards, I submitted the AR-11 and sent a letter to the interviewing officer stating that I submitted the AR-11. I also called customer service to ensure my address had...
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    120 days is almost up

    The other day I met with an USCIS information officer via an Infopass appointment. I learnt that my name check was still pending. On the drive home, I realized that October 8th will be four months (i.e. 120 days) since my interview. At the end of my interview in June, the officer told me to...
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    Additional Documents

    At my interview a decision could not be made for two reasons: 1. FBI Name Check 2. Officer wanted proof of my student status during my extended trip (had re-entry permit). The day after my interview I sent in a notarized statement accompanied by a copy of my transcript and diploma. It's...
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    Oath in Norfolk, VA

    A month or so ago I wrote about my friends case. His parents were naturalized when he was 17 and just before his 18th birthday they sent in the N-600 application. However, they had not heard anything from USCIS for several months. After contacting USCIS they scheduled an appointment for him...
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    Norfolk, VA Interview Experience

    Before going to sleep, I put my file containing my immigration related documents on the table by the front door. I then set my alarm for 5AM and planned to leave the next morning for Norfolk by 6AM at the latest as my interview was scheduled for 8AM. I wake up and it’s nice and bright...
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    Exit/Entry Dates

    I have my interview next week and I have a quick question. How strict are they about the exit/entry dates when verifying the dates on your application? The reason I ask is because my old passport has significant water damage (A/C leaked in the basement and basically ruined everything in the...
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    Has anyone with Norfolk DO heard anything about their case recenlty? Some district offices, including Arlington, are several weeks/months ahead of their posted processing dates. I was wondering if this was the case with Norfolk too.
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    need some advice

    I'm currently under the Norfolk sub-office and expect my application to be processed in June (based on current processing trends). I graduate this summer and I was planning on sticking around at my current address until my case is processed. However, my father has recommended (more like...
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    I was reading about fingerprints on the USCIS website and came across this line, "USCIS now employs a system where fingerprints are taken and submitted electronically to the FBI." Does this mean that the prints are taken electronically or that they are take the old-fashioned way and then...