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    Visa Query (AU / NZ) - Wish to relocate permanently

    Team - I am keen to apply for PR in Newzealand. I am from India and i wish to relocate to AU or NZ. On getting the NZ residency - Can i use the same doc for visiting AU and work in AU or If I have AU Permanent residency, can I use it to move to NZ and work there ? I look forward to...
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    H1 Visa expired with out using it

    Hello extended family - you guys have always been around to help everyone - Have a query that needs your advise. 1. Applied H1B visa in APR 2007 and got approved. 2. I did stamping approved in APR -2008 and visa valid only till SEP-2010 but never traveled to US and visa got expired...
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    IELTS (Help)

    Books for IELTS Guys - any recommendations on which is the best book to pick
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    Documents for AUS PR visa

    Hello Tea m , I plan to relocate to AUS permanently with family. Can anybody mention the detailed list of documents that needs to be kept ready.I know this is on the immigration link unfortunately i find the link complicated as it keeps taking me to link after link.A simple list of documents...
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    IELTS (Help)

    Team - I am looking to relocate to AU. And i have been asked to take up the IELTS exam . Can anybody guide me some few links where i can take up the IELTS for free as a practice session please. ~ Mithun
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    Need Advise : Best Consultant in bangalore for US and AUSTRALIA

    Can anybody advise - Best Consultant in bangalore for US and AUSTRALIA.please !!