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    It's finally all done. Daughter approved!

    Checked online message today, showed my daughters case was approved on Saturday the 22nd. That's it, USCIS can now kiss my ass. Until I decide whether to apply for citizenship or not! :D Good luck to all on the board, you guys have kept me company these last few years! RD 6/26/01...
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    Our Passport Stamping Experience in Tampa

    Well, my wife and I decided to finally go for stamping. We were approved on 01/29/04, but were hoping that our daughters approval would come in, so we didn't have to make two trips. After waiting almost 4 months, we realized who knows when she will be approved. Made an appointment with the...
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    Any stamping tips for Tampa

    Hi friends, my wife and I are planning to get our passports stamped in Tampa in the next couple of weeks. We can go on any Tuesday or Thursday between 8:00 and 11:00. It is a little over 2 hours away from us, and I am wondering how quickly everything goes. I would appreciate anyones...
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    Daughter has recieved FP notice

    Well, my questions after my wife and I's approval were answered when I recieved my 15 yr. old daughters FP notice in the mail. Online message has not changed. We go to Miami on March 5. Hopefully, approval for her will not be too far off. Wife and I will be going to Tampa for stamping...
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    Agony may drag on for a while longer

    As I mentioned in a previous thread, my wife and I were finally approved on 01/30/04, RD 6/01, ND 08/01. Unfortunately, my daughter has not been approved. When we applied, she was only 12. She will be 15 next month. My attorney is not sure if she will need to be fingerprinted, told me to...
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    Another 2001 Case bites the dust. APPROVED!

    Congrats to all the other approvals I've read about. I haven't been on the board for about 3 weeks, and was thrilled to see TSC was starting to wake up. I hadn't checked my online status for about a week, but today, the approved screen looked back at me. My wife and I are approved...
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    EAD approved RD&ND 10/14- AD 12/16

    62 days, pretty unbelievable for TSC! In my cover letter for EAD renewal, I also politely asked if they could look into my I 485 app which has been pending since 6/01. Maybe I'll get lucky soon on that as well! Keep the faith 2001 filers, I think TSC is starting to wake up, especially...
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    Don't waste your time with senator/congressman if you haven't hit 31-34 months yet.

    Got a letter back from Senator Graham here in Florida. Sent me a nice copy of the TSC processing dates, and told me to contact them if I don't hear anything by March 2004. TSC is telling them 31-34 months for a 485. Everything we already have heard; complete waste of time. And in March...
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    Found 1 new approval with 08/01 ND

    6 weeks ago I ran a script of 1000 numbers based around my SRC number. There were 12 cases with FP's done and waiting, including spouse and me. I found one of those were approved on May 19th. Out of the 20 that were still in received status, 4 have now done FP. Rant mode on: The...
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    Finally, Aug'01 filer gets FP!

    Well, I was about to make my monthly visit to the boards to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and I almost fell over when I saw the Department of Justice envelopes in my mailbox today. FP notices for myself and wife! We go on 01/28/03, and even better, we don't have to go to Miami! We can do it...
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    My monthly visit to the Forums! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hello to all, it's nice to see some of the May-Dec. 2001 filers getting some FP notices. Like most of you, I have been patiently waiting for something to come out of TSC. I have basically set a target date in my mind of 5/03 for my processing to be complete. And you know, instead of getting...
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    After 8 weeks of not checking the boards, I see not much has changed...

    Took an break from the boards due to the frustration with 2002 filers getting approvals, and still waiting for my fp notice from june 2001. So for the hell of it, called TSC today, and decided to play dumb. Actually got through on the first try, waited only 10 min. for an IIO. Here is the...
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    Big Movement at TSC! NOT!

    Boy, from the general 3/2000 to 3/11/2000. Thanks TSC for absolutely nothing. Your center is completely worthless. Why did I have to live where the TSC was my service center? Why? Alright, sorry about the rant:)
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    Hey Now, reciepts from TSC!

    For any of you who want to know, my attorney called me yesterday and let me know that they recieved my 485 reciepts. No word about my EAD\'s though. I have updated the RD tracker at TSC EB3 RD 06/26/01 ND 08/15/01 I\'m off to Immitracker! Angiodan
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    Finally, wife\'s EAD from TSC arrives!

    RD 6/29, ND 8/15, mailed out 1/23 and received today. I recieved mine the first week of October. Curious on how different our 485 approvals will be!