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    H1b extension with approved I140 while priority date is current

    Hi I was on H1b with Company A from October 2002 – November 2010 and got my I-140 approved with priority date of March 2004, left US on November 2010, since than I was in India till May 2016. When I left US, I was still having one more year left in my H1b visa, was valid till October till...
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    Visitor Visa with H1B Issue

    Thanks a lot !!
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    Visitor Visa with H1B Issue

    Hi All. I am trying to invite my mother to visit USA, i have send all the required documents to apply for the visit visa. But the porblem is that I got the appointment which is in August, and I just got H1B Extension for another 3 years, and in august when my mother will be visiting the...