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  1. arian71

    Child born in the country of origin

    Urgent please If a child was born outside the United States can parents return to the states together Thanks
  2. arian71

    Codice di conferma

    Salve a tutti, ho una domanda Se si perde il Codice di Conferma e anche l'email, Che possibilità di ricuperare. Grazie
  3. arian71

    CN Too High

    Hi guys, I wanted a information regarding the excessive number 52 *** what are the chances for an interview to interview, if anyone knows anything? or has had a similar number in the past, while I answer, this question I do on behalf of an acquaintance of mine, I personally have the number 33...
  4. arian71

    seconda parte

    qualcuno sa dire quanto cominciano mandare le email per il secondo turno ( intervista )