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    H4 stamping possiblity in chennai??? Please Help???

    Hi Gurus, My wife is planning to for H4 stamping in chennai. She came here in Nov. 2000 on H4. Then converted to H1 in Oct. 2004, but never worked on H1, and has no pay stubs or any pay statements. Her H1 expired on Jan. 1, 2007. She is leaving US in June 2nd week, hoping to get H4 stamping in...
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    Please help - USCIS asking pay stubs for H1 to H4 change of status

    H1 to H4 RFE - Pay stubs for H1 to H4 - PLEASE HELP! Dear All, Please help me. I am very confused. My wife was on H1 for last 2-3 years, but never worked on H1, and so does not have any pay stubs or W2s. Her H1 expired on Dec. 31, 06, and we applied for change of status from H1 to H4 during...