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    Degree Evaluation question

    I am in the Toronto area and looking at going for TN soon. I have an evaluation from a company in USA from way back in 1998 when I was working there. Since it was done in USA, it actually says that my 4 yr Bachelor in Science Engineering (From India) is equivalent to an Engineering degree in...
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    Question about lay off on TN

    Hi Guys, I am a Canadian citizen on TN in US. I got a lay off notice from my office yesterday. My last day here will be 15th of July. I have worked in US for a year and half. My HR person says that I am eligible for US state EI benefits. Can I apply for US EI before I go back to Canada? Or can...
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    Hwo long can a Canadian citizen stay in USA as a visitor?

    Since there is no stamp on the passport while entering, Can a person say they are visiting for say 3-6 months to the immigration officer? Can the officer refuse entry because of mentioning such a long period of stay? Obviously it would not be advised to mention 1 month and stay for 6...