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    Help: How many forms needed?

    send without police certificate? Hi gkp, are you saying that they have evaluated your application but just request police cert for a final decision? or they are waiting for the police cert to start the evaluation process?
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    Help: How many forms needed?

    In the 1st paragraph of the checklist \'IMMIGRANT APPLICATION FORM\', it states \'Please submit three forms for each person 18 or over. ...\'. Sounds like 3 forms are needed for each person. can somebody tell me first, is it true? and if so, are they must all be original or one original with the...
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    Recom letters for multi-petition

    If I apply for NIW and EB1-OR together at the same time, should I request two recommendation letters from the letter writer? or use the original for one petition, and the copy for the other? Thanks a lot. - gousa
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