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    Any hope for 2020 2nd draw?

    Hello guys Is there any hope for 2020 2nd draw ? Or its over and we have to wait to 2021
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    Any chance for 2nd draw for dv2019?

    Just asking if you guys think there will be second draw for 2019 ?
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    Does heart issues affect medical??

    Hello I have heart medical problem.. it is not big thanks God. Will this affect medical for dv visa ?? Thanks
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    DV2017 Winners

    Countdown time started for May 3rd 2016 crossing fingers
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    DV2016 Egyptian winners

    This thread for Egyptian DV 2016 winners
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    DV 2016 Winners

    Hi all this thread i started to share hope with each other, its my 6th time to apply and i hope i will make it this year, lets discuss our thoughts and dreams here till the result date we are 70 days ahead of it .. Mohamed
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    about bank statement while applying for F 1 visa

    Hello, Am from EGYPT, am applying for F 1 visa, I got my i20 , right now I have a bank statement and affadvit of support for my date and its notarized, I obtained 2 bank statement , 1 was sent to the college in us and the other one with me, I need to know if its ok to go with it to the...