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    Recording Available, March 09, 2017 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Dismissed Charges and filling for N-400 question. Background: in 2006 I was issued summons to appear in District Court regarding a larceny charge and shoplifting charge, The charges were dismissed upon my paying $100 in court cost and $200 in civil relief to the store. In summary I was...
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    Recording Available, March 09, 2017 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    N-400 Question Background: working for the same company who sponsored GC, GC sponsoring company was acquired after I got the GC …..some years ago….. new company still continues to provide w2 and paystubs with old company name ….after 4 years of acquiring my original company Q1. on Form N-400...
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    Recording available for Jan 9 Conference Call

    what makes up prevailing wage for Green card ? I got my green card in 2012, I am working for the same employer since I got my green card. I am not getting salary equal or more than prevailing wage that was approved during perm. The employer says if I add a variable performance bonus to my...
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    Recording available for March 14 Conference Call

    prevailing wage‏ issue after GC Back Ground /Time line • in 2008 Started working with current employer on EAD - based on AC-21 , (pending I-485 of Eb3 from a different employer) • Current employer’s PERM under Eb2 was approved July 2012 – with PW_AMOUNT on 9089 as...
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    Recording available for download for Jan 12 Conference Call

    B1/B2 Visa question I wanted to check with you if a B1/ B2 Visa holder come to USA on June 01 2012 on a B1 visa that is valid only till June 11 2012. Will they be given the usually 6 months of stay on the i-94 by the CBP or just till the last date till the visa is valid? In General how does...
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    Answers have been posted in the thread itself, no recording available for this call

    paper based EAD renewal after AOS Interview ? where to file ? My Employment Based AOS interview is over and due to PD not current I cannot get GC so the case in wait status ( as told by the officer at USCIS) . Now I need to renew my EAD and AP and I plan to do the paper filling only ( not...
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    where to File EAD after AOS Interview ?

    My Employment Based AOS interview is over and due to PD not current I cannot get GC so the case in in wait status. Now I need to renew my EAD and AP. Does any one know where does one file the EAD and AP renewals after the AOS interview is over ? Q1. Do I need to file at the Texas center...
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    Recording available for download for the Dec 3 Call

    pending EB I-485 send to NBC what to expect next ? Hi Rajiv: history of case.... Our Pending EB AOS I-485 case was transferred to National Benefits Center from Texas center, our PD is EB-3 India Sept 2003 which is not current. I-140 is approved, used Ac-21 to join a new employer , did not...
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    485 RFE while outside USA what is the impact to Renter using AP ?

    does any one know what is the impact of getting a RFE on pending 485 while one is outside USA..... can one use AP without any issue to re enter USA and then reply back to RFE ?
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    Canadian Visitoer Visa on AOS pending status need help

    Hi Does any one know what document i need to send in mail in order to apply for Canadian visitor visa at their NY consulate? I have EAD and AP and photocopy of 485 pending receipt with us. We plan to use AP to re enter usa but before all that happen we need get the Canadian visitor visa...
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    RECORDING available for April 9 Conference Call

    Layoff from Job - Your advise for next steps ? My status- 140 approved, 485 pending for more than 180 days, PD EB3-India sept 2003. EAD valid till Aug 2010 (never used it as was working on H1b and was never out of status, I have copy of all the paper work my questions are following where I...
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    April 10, 2008 call - Recording Available

    Travel while H1b pending, re entry on AP, Impact on pending H1b,I-140 and I-485 ??? Our situation One year H1B / H-4 extension applied March 27 2008 and pending.... Current H1-B/H-4 visa will expire on April 30 2008….. Current I-94 valid till April 30 2008. I-140 applied June 2007 in EB3...
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    sucessful H1b/H-4 revalidation at Montreal, Canada

    Background: My case H1-B stamping for 9th year extension Always on H1b visa, had all the previous visa stamps from Mumbai/ New Delhi , India , never been out of status, Education in India only never applied in Canada before. My Wife also got her H-4 stamping done at Montreal successfully...
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    H1b visa stamp in New Delhi having Indian Passport with 20 Years Validity

    I am planning to go to New Delhi US Embassy for 7th year H1b visa (one year H1b extension ). I have a 20 year valid passport. I was reading the following note on the US Embassy website( "Indian Passports with 20 Years Validity In...