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    Using priority date for G.C. processing

    Hello, I had approved I-140 (EB3) with company XYZ. I was laid off in March 2009, and company told me that they revoked my G.C. Processing. Now I got new job with another company, and I have following questions: 1) Can I use my old priority date (Oct 2007) in my new company green card...
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    h1 to H4 transfer and back to H1

    Hi, My wife was working on H1-b and have been laid off this week of MAR '09. Haer employer is going to cancel her H1-B, and her petition was approved from OCT'06 to OCT'09. My question to you is 1.If she moves to a H4 dependent status for a year, can she move back to H1-b status using...