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    Gabam DV 2013 Administrative Processing

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    Any hope for 2020 2nd draw?

    Hello guys Is there any hope for 2020 2nd draw ? Or its over and we have to wait to 2021
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    DV2021 Passport Requirements Guidance

    A small question My passport will expire Sept. 2020 Can i use it for dv entery ?
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    DV 2020?

    Less than 4 days Fingers crossed
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    DV 2020?

    Can i ask if i can use last year photo?
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    Any chance for 2nd draw for dv2019?

    What signs??
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    Any chance for 2nd draw for dv2019?

    Just asking if you guys think there will be second draw for 2019 ?
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    DV 2019 - new enrollment date Oct 18 - Nov 22 !!!

    New dates for DV lottery .. October 18 to November 22
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    DV2017 Egyptian winners meet here

    Hello Mina .. please recheck visa bulletin.. Egypt case numbers over 24500 is not yet current.. Thanks
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    countdown to dv 2018 results

    Crossing fingers
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    DV 2018 Starts Today

    no its my 5th time :) hope it will be the year :D
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    DV 2018 Starts Today

    thanks you too :)
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    Does heart issues affect medical??

    Thanks god it is not that much ... i will apply for the 5th time actually i dont want to apply and take a chance if i will not pass the medical and take another one chance, now i will apply :) Thanks Britsimon
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    Does heart issues affect medical??

    Hello I have heart medical problem.. it is not big thanks God. Will this affect medical for dv visa ?? Thanks
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    DV2017 Winners

    Countdown time started for May 3rd 2016 crossing fingers
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    DV Lottery 2017 - Questions

    Hello My daughter age is 8 days i cant take her tp professional photographer to take picture .. I took apic for her with open eyes looking at me with white background is it ok?
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    DV Lottery 2017 - Questions

    Hi all A little question.. I have new baby on September 30 .. I know i have to include her .. Whats is the requirements for her picture ..?? Its so hard to take a professional picture for her .. Any advices what to do?
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    DV Lottery 2017 - Questions

    R u from Egypt?
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    DV2016 Egyptian winners

    You must check embbasy website for official translator
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    DV 2015 Egyptians meet here

    No dont do this ... The validity of medical 6 months better when you get the 2NL start the medical