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    Addresses in citizenship application form

    Ok I think our replies crossed each other. So I take it that I only put my Canadian addresses here and no addresses that I have visited.
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    Addresses in citizenship application form

    Thanks. But I dont have a home in US. I just visited for work. But the visits have been varied some upto 50 days.
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    Addresses in citizenship application form

    I had a question about foreign addresses in the citizenship form. Does this mean official address or all physical addresses? 1. I have been on the road in US, for long stretches like 50 days etc. Do I have to give all addresses? Every hotel/motel/friends apartment? 2. Some trips to US, I...
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    Question 29 on DS 156

    Hi, Question 29 on DS 156 asks to list previous visits to US but there is a small box albeit it scrolls. Do you have to list all visits or just 4-5 should be ok? I have had over 18 visits. Also do we have to list number of days for each visit too? Thanks
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    Landing Process and Necessary Info

    Landing in Vancouver...sponsored from Toronto Hi all, My father has sponsored my Mother and Sisiters PR visas.... applied from Toronto. They have got their visas but would like to land in Vancouver first as my sister wants to check out universities there and meet up with some family...
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    Landing in Vancouver...sponsered from Toronto

    Hi, My father has sponsored my Mother and Sisiters PR visas.... applied from Toronto. They have got their visas but would like to land in Vancouver first as my sister wants to check out universities there and meet up with some family friends.( she doesnt want to go to Toronto first). If she...
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    landing experience

    Hi KS1974, I am planning to fly to Toronto for my landing some time in Jan. Can anyone reccomend a location in the Toronto downtown area which would be convinent to stay for first time visitors. THERE ARE SOME GUESTHOUSE SERVICES FOR THIS. SEARCH PREVIOUS POSTINGS FOR THEM. THERE IS ALSO A...
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    Pkapur Hi! Hi PKapur, I am glad that the new points have been revised in your favor. I wonder if the process will slow down again now that the applications will pour in? Raj
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    Help: A friend needs to sponser his brothers and sisters without sponsering his fathe

    Canada is a very fair state and with a heart.I have noticed that again and again. The key is 'extreme hardship'. Use that phrase and watch doors open. Your friend has a genuine case and it will be under Humanitarian grounds. Use a good lawyer and he will get it done. Regards Raj
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    Pkapur Hi! Hi Pkapur, Sorry I hadnt had a chance to visit the board recently. - I found that you have gone for medicals(7/18/2003), is that ? Did you receive any information to go for medicals from immigrations guys or decided at your own. I havent gone for the medicals as yet...
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    French tutor Hi everyone! Just to help all those people who are falling short of points, there is a friend of mine who lives in San Jose and is a French tutor. She is a qualified tutor and is aware of the proficiency required. Please write to me at if you are...
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    Registering business online

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew which provinces would allow a non resident to register business name online. I know that Onatrio requires non residents to visit in person and register. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Raj
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    My Timeline/Hi Pkapur! Hi Jalma, I guess you will need to update my timeline as raj1008--->08/02/01--->10/26/01->07/21/02-->Y (7-10mnths)->07/18/2003-->new forms requested Thanks Hi Pkapur, Whats happening with your case? Please keep me updated. Regards Raj
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    Grrrr, why new forms! Hi Pkapur, I get 74 points under the new law, even though I need a minimum of 70. Thats what is really cheesing me off. And whats worse is that they already have all information to determine this. Maybe a new point table, but thats it. If you are falling short get a...
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    News forms package received for application before Jan 2002 Hello everyone. I just got a package from CIC today........ they need new forms etc and details as I am to be assessed under the NEW LAW. I still need 70 points and have 90 days to fill and send it back to them. I dont...
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    Hi Pkapur, I have another lead for you . Please see Best of luck! Raj
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    Hi Pkapur, The case about the 102 people was all over the newspapers in Canada. Here is one lead. I am not worried about my application, infact under the new act I get 74 points versus the 70 required. Its the time that is...
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    Buffalo Tracker (please add)

    Hi Pkapur! I was wondering where you had disappeared. Havent seen you around for so long. Was extra curious since our processing has been going on almost together. 1. Yes you are correct about the new law asking for 70 points which applies to us.However you could make up for it by possibly...
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    Completed Registration

    Hi Shriyaz, I just wanted some clarifications, as it seems that you have done alot of research on this. 1. I am an Indian Citizen and born in UAE. Do I have to register if I come to US on a B1/B2 visit visa? 2. Did all of the 500 Indians born not in India have to register? As only...
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    Minimal Investment for E2 Visa ?

    Hi, Is there someone who helped you with papers? Can you please refer me a lawyer in Canada who can help? Regards Raj