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  1. DoubleAA

    The Asylum Clock and Employment Authorization for Asylum Applicants Frequently Asked Questions PDF from Heartland Alliance

    I am attaching a FAQs resource regarding asylum-based EAD I found during my research on EAD processes and asylum clock. I hope it helps.
  2. DoubleAA

    USCIS Announces Online Case Status Feature for Asylum Applicants in 2019

    Previously, asylum applicants could only check their case status through an asylum office in person or by phone, fax, or email. Pending affirmative asylum application with USCIS can now check the status of their applications online at Source: U. S...
  3. DoubleAA

    Pending Cases reaches record 82,175!

    I realized cases have reached a record number 82,175 (March 2015) I am not surprised been waiting for interview for 2 years ! Check the link
  4. DoubleAA

    EAD ,SSN, State IDs,DL and Travel documents application experiences (2013)

    Was just wondering if those people who got these documents could share their experiences on processing times and requirements