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    Access To VERMONT service center

    Hi everyone: Please tell me how an applicant of I-485 can acess to Vermont service center directly over telephone. I UNDERSTAND that by selecting(pressing) some options after dialing 1-800-375-5283 and entering the EAC# we can access the VSC. Please advise and let me know...
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    HI UN: I have some one with EB2 I-485 RFE noticed mailed on July 10th 2005 as per the online message( this may be most likely whether or not the employee working for the petitioner currently or not). However he has not received any notice by post yet. I understand there would be a dead...
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    Pending I-485 since Dec-2004

    Hi, I have a friend who filed I-485 and I-140 in Dec 2004. He got I-140 approved. Tell me when can he get I-485 approval. Finger printing done in April 2005 online message changed.. Visa screening cert ready but Not asked by INS yet. Any one got I-485 approved who filed in Vermont in...
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    Ginnu & others Change of address

    Hi Ginnu & others: How do I change the address on the I-485 once I move from one state to another. Other actual fact is now I am vacating the house and visiting India for a period of 2-months and later on my return I want to relocate to another state. Do I need to inform INS...
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    Name Check Help Please

    Hi, I want to know what exactly the name check thing means?? If online status on I-485 says "finger print results have arrived on so and so date and the processing has been resumed on your case blaw.......... blaw" what does this mean especially when the priority date is...
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    I-485 for spouse, Ginnu and others

    Ginnu and others, I have a question on filing I-485 for spouse when primary I-485 is already filed under EB-2 category. If the marriage takes place in INDIA after filing I-485 and I-140 what are the diiferent kinds of proofs for marriage that INS can accept for filing for...
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    Any I-485 approved with Received date Dec-2004

    Hi, Any I-485 approved from Vermont center with received date Dec-2004 even if it is EB-2??????? Please help. Thanks.
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    Please Predict

    Please advise Hi : Could u guys predict about this case approval of I-485. His labor was filed in EB-2 and got approved. He then concurrently filed under EB-2 category(NO RETROGRESSION) both I-140 and I-485 in VERMONT service center in December-2004. His...
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    FPGEE eligibility

    Hi all, I have questions in regard to how can a foreign trained B.Pharm (4 years) student can become a licenced pharmacist in USA. I heard that it should be fve years some thing. What is this all to do with 4 and 5 years thingy. Does the rule changed from 4 years to 5 years or...
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    LOOSING H1B status VS USING EAD from I-485

    Hi every one: Please share your experiences in terms of loosing H1b status (if at all it is right) when you begin using EAD derived from I-485. Let us say an employee has filed I-485/I-140/EAD/AP through Company-'B' while he is on H1b status through company-'A'. He is on H1b for an...
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    UNITED NATIONS and others..WHEN AC-21???

    UN and others: I have a question on the portability under AC-21. We all know we can port once I-140 gets approved & 180 days after I-485 into similar job. Some one with priority date of March-2003 filed I-140 & I-485 in vermont in December-2004 under EB-3 category and his...
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    JHARKHADI please help

    Can you please clean up your personal mail box. It is full since many days and I need your help and want to send a personal message. Or U can send me your email address to my personal mail box.
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    I-485 approval with retrogression, JARKHAND & others

    Dear JK: How does it work when it comes to approval of I-485 with priority dates prior to December 30th of 2004 under EB3 for India, Chaina and phillippines. We all know about those two cases on forums got approved but can every body hope on this or is it a mistake of INS if...
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    RFE on I-140

    Any one got RFE on I-140 for RN schedule-A petition? How long it took for getting the decision after INS receiving the reply on RFE for I-140? I am keen on vermont center cases.
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    HADRON's help needed

    HADRON: I would like to TELL YOU THE scores(which are low) for my cousin in USMLE and she wants to know your prediction of getting accepted into residency. Could you send me your email address to my private message so that I will email you in private with scores etc details to you. your...
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    Hi Hadron Help Me Please

    HI HADRON, I misspelled your name in other threads but would like to take your help. Could you send me your email address to my private mail box. I need your help badly. your private mail box is full.
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    undefinedHi Hardon HARDON: Could you please fix your private mail box which is full so that I can send messages. Thanks and send me a private message informing about your privata mail box when you empty it. Thanks.
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    Hardon To Help

    HARDON: Could you please fix your private mail box which is full so that I can send messages. Thanks and send me a private message informing about your privata mail box when you empty it. Thanks.
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    ANY EB3 I-485 approval with priority date in 2003 from India

    Any body got I-485 approved with priority date in 2003 in EB-3 category from India ? I heard some are getting approvals. let me know. Thanks.
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    HELLO UN and others What if I do not get advance parole approved even after the processing time. Is it a possibilty to get it in local INS office like as EAD-interim. Thanks in advance. What are the strong reasons to get okayed for emergency parole except for medical emergencies.