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    where to File EAD after AOS Interview ?

    My Employment Based AOS interview is over and due to PD not current I cannot get GC so the case in in wait status. Now I need to renew my EAD and AP. Does any one know where does one file the EAD and AP renewals after the AOS interview is over ? Q1. Do I need to file at the Texas center...
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    485 RFE while outside USA what is the impact to Renter using AP ?

    does any one know what is the impact of getting a RFE on pending 485 while one is outside USA..... can one use AP without any issue to re enter USA and then reply back to RFE ?
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    Canadian Visitoer Visa on AOS pending status need help

    Hi Does any one know what document i need to send in mail in order to apply for Canadian visitor visa at their NY consulate? I have EAD and AP and photocopy of 485 pending receipt with us. We plan to use AP to re enter usa but before all that happen we need get the Canadian visitor visa...
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    sucessful H1b/H-4 revalidation at Montreal, Canada

    Background: My case H1-B stamping for 9th year extension Always on H1b visa, had all the previous visa stamps from Mumbai/ New Delhi , India , never been out of status, Education in India only never applied in Canada before. My Wife also got her H-4 stamping done at Montreal successfully...
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    H1b visa stamp in New Delhi having Indian Passport with 20 Years Validity

    I am planning to go to New Delhi US Embassy for 7th year H1b visa (one year H1b extension ). I have a 20 year valid passport. I was reading the following note on the US Embassy website( "Indian Passports with 20 Years Validity In...