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    US born child wants to sponsor illegal parents?

    I have an employee who is 21 who was born in the US. Both his parents are here illegally and have been here 20+ years. Can anyone tell me how and if he can go about sponsoring his parents without them having to return to Mexico. Thanks
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    2014 February N 400 Tracker

    Might as well start a thread for February, got my packet together and sending by Fedex :) My wife and youngest adult daughter received their citizenship last March 20 and my other two adult children, son & daughter, just received their citizenship this Jan 14. Now it's my turn! 02/06/14...
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    2013 August N-400 Tracker

    guess it's time to start one of these threads I just submitted my adult son & daughters N-400 (my wife and other adult daughter got their citizenship back in March and I will put my app in the next month or two) Son 08/02/13: N-400 couriered to Phoenix, AZ 08/03/13: N-400 delivered...
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    Do you have to submit at the same time?

    Does my wifes application have to be submitted at the same time as mine or can you submit them at different times?
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    Minor Arrested

    Hi, I'm about to fill out the n400's and have a question. My daughter was caught for shoplifting at Disneyworld when she was 17 years old (minor), she's 23 now The police came and picked her up and took her to some hold facility (we were in california, she was with friends in florida) They...
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    Something needs to change

    I was thinking that I only have 11 months until I can apply for my citizenship (then of course wait 1+ year to get approved) and I began to reflect on my journey through the immigration process and how long it was. Reading my signature line, it seems so distant when I came here on my first...
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    5 yrs ago nostalgia - who can find their name on CIBA's or PCee's tracking site?

    Thought I'd post this for a bit of fun and to remember some very hard work by past community members. Believe it or not, these sites, having not been used since long ago are still active... do you remember your old handle? were you registered. CIBA's...
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    When is your priority date?

    just a fun poll... will be interesting to see where people are at.
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    Who remembers CIBA's tracking site - Cali 485 filers from 5 or more yrs ago?

    Her site was invaluable at the time... it's still up and running!!! I've also put the details in a spreadsheet to see if you can find your name/handle from back then. njoy
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    Poll: When did you first arrive in the US?

    Just Curious to see the average length in time for the whole process. :rolleyes:
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    I-485 RD 5 years ago, still not approved!!!

    if you think your situation is bad due to retrogression, this guy has had his 485 RD for 5 years now and still not approved....that's just criminal.
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    for all those who have a misguided belief the democrats are somehow imm friendly

    and believe things will all of a sudden get rosy... time to put away the prozac and confront reality
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    something fun & nostalgic - where were you 5 years ago?

    for just a bit of fun... If you remember CIBA's tracking site for 485's, see if your name is there.
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    DO Processing Dates Graphs

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    Graph updates for New DO Processing Times

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    USCIS Target times for Naturlization

    According to this report... Long-term Efficiency Measure: Naturalization application cycle time (N-400) Explanation:Achieve and maintain a 6-month cycle time for Naturalization Form N-400 (goal is targeted and measured...
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    When was your I485 filed?

    again, just curious to see where everyone stacks up at. (please don't vote if you already have your green card)