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    What happens to a H1B EMPLOYEE, if employer(1man show company) expires.

    Hi, I have a question, see if we can bounce some ideas.... working for company A on H1-B valid till may 25th 2007, which is managed(president/founder/ceo/office boy) by this guy, who expired in may 2nd week, 2006. we are still working at the client site, due to the contract there, but as...
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    No dates available for visitors visa in chennai.

    nothing available till sep30th and Oct dates are not open yet. Did anyone notice this??
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    Anyone whose parents/in-laws applied for B1 thru drop box in Hyd in Apr04??

    Hi, Is there anyone whose parents/in-laws applied for visitors visa thru drop box in Hyd in April 2004?? Just wanted to see how long does it take to get the passport back stamped. Please post with any info. Thanks Csrini1
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    and again spb999, what is the number you called to check ??