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    Travel outside country while EAD renewal is pending

    My current EAD & AP expire in May'08.I need to travel in Feb for a month using AP.I am planning to apply for EAD renewal before leaving.Will this be an issue?.Can i travel when EAD renewal is pending?.Will this be considered as an abandonment of 485 application?.
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    EAD/AP approved & H1B stamping

    I have my EAD & AP based on I-485 couple of months back.But, i still want to maintain H1B status until i get my I-485 approved.My H1B visa stamp expires in October, so planning to go to US consulate for stamping.Will there be any issue with this?. Thanks
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    Porting PD from EB3 to EB2 (same company)

    Hello gurus, Here is my situation..... My EB3 140 approved with priority date 01June2002 --> Company A My EB2 140 pending with priority date 10May2006 -->Company A (different title...future position) Can i port my EB3 priority date (June 2002) to EB2 application & apply I-485?.If i do...
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    Multiple I-140's and porting priority date

    All, I have two approved labor certifications & one approved I-140 & another I-140 pending @ NSC.I would like to find out my options to port priority date. 1st Labor EB3 Title: Programmer Analyst (BE+2 years exp)--Current Title Prority Date: Mid 2002 I-140 approved early Aug'06...
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    I-140 - Name Correction (Please Help)

    I filed my I-140 with NSC 2 weeks back & received the recipt with incorrect first name (mis-spelled 1 letter).Does anyone know how to request for this correction?.How long does it take?.Will i get new receipt after the correction?.I appreciate your help.