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    Conference Call on Oct 2, Recording now available for download

    Hi Rajiv, I received my I 485 denial yesterday and I was very dissapointed. It stated that I do not have a valid I 140 petition. This is clearly their mistake because I applied I 140 substitution (the substituted labor was in appeal and we revoked the appeal and we attached...
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    Aug 21 Call - Recording now available

    Hi Rajiv, Iam on CPT(valid till May 2009) and my H1B starts from Oct1st with change of status approved. Do I need to register for Fall classes in September2008 (which costs me lot of money) to keep my CPT active or is it ok if there is a gap between CPT and H1B start date (1 month...
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    Download Recording for March 13 Conference Call

    Hi Rajiv, My wouldbe is in India and we are getting married in August. I want to apply for her H1 this year. If her H1 is picked up and approved ,can she get H4 stamping from India and come here on H4 status after October (since H1B stamping is very tough in some places) and go to...