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    H4 to H1 Please suggest!

    Hi Gurus :), First of all i am a silent reader of this website.Thank you all for sharing your experiences and taking time to help others. I worked on H1 visa for 2 years and came back to H4 visa.Now i wanted to work again. 1)If i apply for H1 visa again will i come under quota? 2)If your...
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    H4 to H1 to H4 to H1 will i come under cap?

    Hi Great Gurus, I came to US on H4 visa, got my H1 visa on 2004 worked for 2 years. Since i reached my H4 + H1 6 years limit tranfered back to H4 visa.Now with this new rule i have 4 more years on H1, so i want to convert to H1 visa. Will i come under quota if i want to tranfer form H4 to...
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    H1 to H4 when can i stop working.

    Hi Gurus, I have a valid H1 visa till Dec 2006, in Aug 2006 i applied for H4 i got the receipt for H4 on Oct 2006. Now i have my H4 receipt but not H4 approval So when can i stop working. 1) Upon my H4 receipt date or H4 approval date 2) or Untill my H1 is valid Thanks :)