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    Requirements to fulfill right after getting the GC

    I recently got my I-485 approved. What are the things one must do after getting the GC? 1. Do we have to fill out the I-9 form at our existing work or is it only for new jobs? 2. We have to change the Social Security card to get rid of the USCIS warning on permission to work.. Is there...
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    H1B Renewal date

    sorry for the repetition; Ginnu and others, How soon can one apply for H1B renewal - 6 months in advance? My H1b is expiring on Jan 31, 2008. Can I apply for H1b renewal in Aug 2007? Thanks for your time.
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    Infopass questions

    I'm trying to compile a list of generic questions for Infopass appointment for pending 485 cases. Here're a few that came to my mind. Please send in questions that you think that might be useful or relevant. Thanks. 1. Did you (service center) send any RFE on my/our (applicants) case in the...
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    EAD and H4 status

    I would appreciate if you could answer: The primary applicant is maintaining valid, continuous H1B status all throughout the 485 process. 1. If an H4 spouse starts using EAD (based on husband's AOS application) to work, does she lose her H4 status? 2. Can a spouse who is using EAD to...