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    PAKISTAN: Visit visa questions ?

    Hi guys, Does anyone have recent experience with Islamabad consulate on visit visa? What type of questions they may ask and what type of documentation one should take? Thanks.
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    In US, lost passport; How to get the visa re-issued?

    Visiting US on a visit visa. After filing for a police report for the lost passport, new Pakistani passports were applied and received. Does anyone know the procedure of getting the US visit visa back on the new passport? Thanks.
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    Applying for Visit Visa while GC in process.

    Is it okay for someone to apply for the visit visa while the GC (through his US Citizen sibling) is under process ?
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    RFE for sibling, what evidence is enough? How much more time?

    I applied I-130 for my brother, USCIS is requesting for an evidence that we both have same parents. In absence of the birth certificate, is providing secondary evidence enough ? His School records show our father name, I am planning to provide that. Will that be good enough? Does this mean...
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    I-130 for my brother and his family is about to become current.

    I applied for my brother and his family, according to the USCIS website, the processing timeframe is March/2011; I applied for them in May/2011. Does it mean that they will be called for an interview in about 2 months? What should I expect in 2 months from now? Thanks.
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    GC interview cleared: Can land on any port??

    Hello, I live in NY, and filed GC for my father. His GC interview has been cleared and will be coming to USA in 2 weeks. Can he land in any state - e.g., California or IL? Thanks!
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    I-130 filed - Is 485 required too?

    Hello, In Feb'09, I filed I-130 for my Parent who is NOT in the US. I did not file for I-485, do I need to file for that too? Thanks.
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    HELP! GC for Father - missing marriage certificate

    Hello, I am a US Citizen and would like to apply for the GC for my father. The problem is that the marriage certificate of my parents has been lost. Can someone please confirm that affidavit from 2 persons who attended my parents marriage will be sufficient document in absence of the...
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    Second Finger print notice

    Hello friends, I applied for my N-400 naturalization in Sep-2006, my fingerprints were done in the same month. Since then, my case has been in the pending status. I was told by USCIS that a background check is being performed on my case. This week I received a second FP notice, does this...
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    FBI Name check promise a.k.a. Apr 2nd press release

    Per Apr/2nd 2008 press release, FBI & USCIS announced a joint plan to eliminate the backlog of name checks pending with the FBI. Are they really doing it? My case was filed in Sep'06, that means my name check will be completed by Nov'08. Is there anyone one whose name check was done according...
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    First attempt got 214(b): Can apply again on same grounds?

    Hello, My father applied for the visit visa in Pakistan (Aug'07), but his visa application got refused under 214(b). They not only rejected his visa but also stamped his expired US-Visa as "Cancelled". The purpose of my father visit has not changed yet - i.e., to visit his son and...
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    Application form for the B2 Visit visa?

    Can someone tell me what forms are required to fill-in for the B2 visit visa? Thanks.
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    Father's visit-visa rejected: when to re-apply?

    My father's application to the vist visa got rejected in August'07. I am wondering when is it safe to re-apply for the visa. Though he had 5 year multiple visa before, which got expired last year. He traveled to US twice and returned back from US within 3 months. The visa officer rejected...
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    Name check timeline

    Does anyone know what is the average wait time to get your name cleared if they decide name-check against your case (in N0400 - Citizenship application). I know every case is different but I just want to get the sense. Thanks!
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    Case stuck in Name Check

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Gurus, I applied for the citizenship in Sep'06 and had my Finger Printing done in Oct'06. After that there was no reply from USCIS. I inquired about my case in Aug'07 and got a reply that my case is in...
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    ISLAMABAD: New H1 visa processing time.

    Hi, Can anyone of you tell me how much time is it taking to get the new H1 visa stamped from Islamabad. Its been 7 weeks and no response yet from IBD. Today's date: 02/22/05
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    Eligibility to apply for US Citizenship

    Hi, I have following simple questions. 1. After how many years after getting my green card, am I eligible to apply for US Citizenship? (I got my green card through my employer.) 2. How much time is Naturalization process taking in California? Thank you.
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    I-485 apporved - Passport Stamped

    Hi Ciba! I got my apporval notice last week. Yesterday I went to SFO for PP stamping. Everything was smooth. Your site helped me alot. Please update my information on your website.