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    H1B Application

    Hi, Can someone suggest me 1.if it is the right time to apply for jobs. 2.I heard 90% of H1B is denied.Is it true? 3.I still hear about layoffs,is the market very bad? Thank you.
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    H-1 application date

    Hi, I heard that application date for h1 is extended till september, is it true? Can anyone confirm me?
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    H1-B and H4 Transfer

    I am in my 7th year of H1-B. I have a valid H1-B visa with my current employer. My wife is in H4 visa. I was about to loose my job so I found a new employer and applied for H1 & H4 transfer (I-129 & I-539) and received receipt. After all this, my current employer offered to extended my job and...