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    RFE on EAD after I-485 approved

    Hi everyone, My 485 got approved last week and also got the approval notice yesterday in mail. Today I see that they sent an RFE on my pending EAD application. Has anyone been in the same situation? I hope they just say that this EAD application is denied because I-485 is already...
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    GC Approved..

    By God's grace my GC journey is over. Got emails for me and my wife stating that card production has been ordered for our I-485 applications. This forum has been a valuable source of information for me. Just hang in there guys and don't give up. Your approval is just around the corner. Thanks...
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    Anyone calling TSC IO today?

    Just wondering what the answer of the day is ..
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    NC pending but assigned to supervisor?

    When I called TSC IO today, she said that the case is assigned to a supervisor, but I have my second NC pending :( Why would the case be assigned to an officer if the name check is pending? I have got conflicting information on my NC Some IO's say it is clear and some say it is pending...
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    Just noticed a LUD on 485 07/27

    Just noticed a LUD for 485 application 07/27. No message change. Don't know what triggered it. I had called TSC IO today afternoon. Did anyone else get a LUD ?
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    EAD Xferred from VSC to TSC

    My EAD application was transferred from VSC to TSC on May 22nd 2007. I haven't received any decision yet. Yesterday when I called TSC IO, she said both my 485 and EAD applications are with the same officer. My EAD is going to expire soon, and I am not sure what I should do to at least expedite...
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    EB3 PD Dec 2003 report here

    My guess is that most of the EB3 Dec 2003 PD are pending with one officer. Has anyone with this PD got approved?
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    Spoke to TSC IO - 07/25

    Got connected in less than 10 minutes: Basically the IO said that everything is clear and the case is assigned to an officer. When I asked her if any visa number is assigned, she said all the visas have been used and will have to wait unit October.. Couldn't get her to answer if my case...
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    LUD on 485 on 7/20 and 7/22

    I got a LUD change o 7/20 and 7/22 on 485. Anyone in same situation. Few of my friends had LUDS on 6/28 and 6/30 and they got approved within a couple of weeks. Could this be a sign of good things to come :) avi_gc
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    Called TSC IO today 07/20 ?

    I am planning to call sharp at 9:00. Yesterdays response was everything is clear and visa # not available and not assigned to any officer. Please update this thread so that we can see if there is any pattern in their responses. Hope we all get approved by this month !!!
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    No approval.. Really worried.

    This is really frustrating. Can't concentrate on work or anything. I thought my approval was around the corner, so just waited. Finally called TSC IO on Monday and she didn't even want to talk to me. Provided no case details or anything. Very rude I received a couple of LUD's on 6/20 and 6/21...
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    7th year extension questions

    Hi All, I have following questions. 1. Can we get 7th year extension based upon a substitute labor. The employer has no idea if the original candidate used it to get 7th year extension (through a different employer). All he can guarantee is that he didnt apply for I-140 and 7th year extension...
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    LUD on approved EAD's

    Hi All, I had a LUD on me and my spouses approved EAD application yesterday. Dunno what triggered it. No LUDS on any other applications (140, 485) I had sent a certified mail to update my 485 address a couple of weeks back, but not for EAD. I had called USCIS to update my address on I485...
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    Address Change- Did I miss anything?

    I recently moved to a new address and these are following things I did : 1. Sent AR-11 through certfied mail. 2. Called 1 -800 number and had the Customer Service representative update my address. I had a LUD on my 485 after that. 3 Anything else?? Any feedback is welcome. thanks
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    FP at New Rochelle No problem.

    Guys, Had my FP done at New Rochelle NY today morning. I had an appointment at 1:00PM but went in early around 9:00PM. The securrity officer looked at the FP notices, and my Driving license (photo ID) and gave me a form to fill. I was called for the actual FP, signature and photo at around...
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    Spouse EAD not approved

    Hi All, I got my EAD a month back but my wife's EAD is still not approved at VSC. I have a pending RFE on my I-140 issued in November. Could that be the reason for the holdup in issuing her EAD?
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    EAD status message.

    Hi All, The status message on my EAD application changed today stating that they have approved the case and mailed in the approval notice. Before this it was 'After approving your application we ordered you a new card. The card will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready'. Is this the...
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    Filing I-485/EAD with RFE on I-140

    Guys, I have a RFE on my I140. I dont know what it is as we havent got it. I am also filing my 485/EAD this week, so that I have a pending 485 before this year that would help me in getting the EAD. Will the USCIS withhold sending receipt notices before the RFE is resolved? I am kind of...
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    EAD available?

    I have filed for my I-140 (EB3) but not I485. I am waiting for I 140 approval so that I can apply for I-485/EAD/AP. But now with the priority date retrogression, if I dont file for 485 before end of next month, that means I wont be able to even file for EAD? Any comments or suggestions? thanks...
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    LUD question.

    All, The LUD on my I140 application changed on two days (11/11 and 11/15) without any change in the status message. I am trying to figure out what it could mean, and I have a couple of questions. 1. Does the status message change if the application is denied? Also coz of my lawyers...