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    Can I apply for Citizenship now

    I got my Green card in July 2011. Can I apply for US Citizenship now? I heard some one form my friends got US Citizenship recently. They also got Green card around same time i got. Please clarify. Thank you
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    Indian Passport Renewal

    Hi All, I need to get my son's passport renewed by Aug 2010. After reading consulate web site, I observe we need to send old expired pass port along with current passport. But I left that expired passport in India and now I am not quite sure how to locate that. Current passport has the old...
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    H4 to EAD

    Hi All, I am in EB2 Category with priority date in Nov 2006. My son completed his High School here in US and Joined in Undergrad as Freshman in University. His status is still H4. Is it good to apply EAD for him and change status from H4. It appears he needs that EAD do some study related...
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    EB2 140 TSC 17 July 2007

    Hi All, Let us keep track of 2007 year July filers EB2 140 status. I know there are many who are waiting their 140 need be approved and wondering any one like us there. So keep ourself informed of TSC processing trend, let us enter our details here. This thread is specific to TSC...