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    Interview Experienced (not sure what to make of it)

    I had my interview yesterday and Im not sure what to make of it. A DECISION CANNOT YET BE MADE ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION. The IO was very very nice and respectful. We begun doing the YES or NO questions on the n 400 form. On the PART 1 LETTER C question IF YOU HAVE USED ANY OTHER NAMES...
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    Help me out... 6 month rule.

    Sorry my second time posting regarding 6 month rule. I will be having my interview next week and took care of things that needs to be taken care of. Im so ready for next week until I ve read posts regarding some people who were denied because of the 6 month rule. Now my anxiety rises again...
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    Out of the US miscalculation

    I have miscalculated the time when I was outside the US on n 400 03/25/2010 - 09/13/2010 on n 400 I should have put 03/23/2010 but when I recalculated it is still less than 180 days. Would this give me a problem on my interview? Thanks.
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    Part 10 Question 4

    How should I answer this? Since becoming a lawful permanent resident, have you ever failed to file a required Federal, State or local tax return? In 2007 I had two jobs and I worked for less than a month in both jobs. I did not file a tax return due to low income. I requested a tax return...
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    PART 10 issue regarding form N 400

    Heres my short story. I was an illegal immigrant for 10 years while waiting for a petition. A month before my mothers petition become current I was randomly stopped at an airport by a immigration officers. I was out of status that time so I was sent to JAIL instead because of a large volume of...
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    Continuous Residence Confusion

    Pardon my ignorance... I understand that when you travel outside the US you shouldnt exceed your travel to 180 days to not break your continuous residence. But there are websites and other people who says differently. Some websites stating that you can only be outside the US for less than 180...