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    H4 to F1

    Hi guys, Thnks for all the replies before.. Right now I am on H4 living in Michigan,USA and thinking of going on F1 next month. My question is if my F1 gets rejected than will my H4 be valid or I have to file again for H4?? My h4 is till dec 2013. thanks
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    H4 transfer

    Hello, My wife is working on H1 and I am here on H4 as her dependent. Now she is thinking of changing her job, in that case she will need an H1 transfer for the new company. My question is that do i need to get my H4 transfered also? I already have stamped H4 in the name of current...
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    F1 stamping

    Hello, I am on H4 right now in US and thinking of going on F1 in the next month as I got an admission in a university. My question is do I need to go for F1 stamping to India or I can just file COS here to USCIS and study without stamping and then apply for OPT?? Thanks
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    RIght of doing partnership business in USA simultaneously with H1B employment

    Dear sir, Pl. help me.. I have a very serious question... I wish to know whether a H1b holder can work on H1B employment and can simultaneously join hands as a partner in partnership business in USA with any person/persons having any residential status (Citizen, GC, a branch of any business...
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    B1/B2 to L1 Visa

    Dear Sir, I am President and CEO of Parahard Management Reporting Corporation in India. It is my Proprietary Concern since 1989. I am holder of USA B1/B2 Visa since 2004. I have visited USA in the year 2005 and 2007. My company is A Consulting Organization working with 20 team consultants...