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    Question on my EAD Renewal

    Hello, I was in Tennessee when I renewed my EAD in 2009 and sent the application to Texas Service Center where my I-485 is pending and now I am in California. According to the Instructions for I-765 application it says I need to file my EAD at Phoenix or Dallas Lock box based on where I live...
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    Moving question...

    Hello Experts, "Generally, change of address to outside of the metropolitan area or different state is considered a red flag in the final adjudication process as the employment-based non immigrant status or intended place of employment is the "key" to the labor certification based...
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    Do I need a transit visa?

    Hello, I have plans of going to India. No visa stamp in passport, have AP to travel. Do I need any kind of transit visa for travel to India via Dubai (Emirates Airlines). Thanks!
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    From one Service Center to another.....

    Hello everyone, I am a EB3 primary applicant (India) 2005, Filed I-485 in 2007 and in Pending status. Its in Texas service center. I have changed employers in 2008 and filed AC21 when I moved to this company. Now Company is moving me to California in Jan 2010. Now after moving to...
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    Transit visa

    My family is going to India this month. We are on EAD's. Shopping around for tickets. My question is Guys like us on EAD's, what are the (Ariline) country's that ask Transit visa? I know via London we need Transit visa. Thanks
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    AP delay..

    My AP and my son's AP has been approved within 2 weeks of applying and my wife AP is still pending, called customer service they say its still within Processing time, have to wait until 3 months to open a ticket. Is there anyway that we can expedite the issue? Other than the Emergency Reason...
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    EAD for my son.

    I am applying EAD for my son (9 Year old) for the first time. This is for his SSN and other unknown benefits. By the way I should have done this long back when I applied for myself, I would not have missed $300. Anyway, my question is - There are 3 options in form I-765, Reason for Applying...
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    How many days?

    Its time for me to renew my EAD again. How many days before do I need to apply? My current EAD expires Aug 31 2009. I did read the I-765 Instructions, but I did not find the time frame. Thanks
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    Receipt number not found online

    I have applied for AP for our family, first got all the receipts in hand, later got approved AP in hand (Me and Son), I did not get my wife AP yet. When I see the Receipt number online, I dont find it. What could be the reason? What should I do? Thanks
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    Advance Parol

    Advance Parole Hello All, I am applying Advance Parole for me and my family. The only question I have is Do I need to submit the copy of I-94 which I first came into the Country or the Latest which I got with my H1 extension/H4 extension? Thanks!
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    Help Needed Please!

    I have a friend who is in US now on B1 last week. He also have his H1b Approved in the last year Quota. Now he want to change his status from B1 to H1b. He has consulted his company lawyer and his lawyer said, we have to wait atleast for 30 days before applying for change of status, Because B1...
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    Changed Employer - Need Advice Please!!!

    Ginnu and other gurus, Need your advice Please!!! I have changed my employer 2 months ago (July 08), My 140 is approved May 2007 and 485 applied July 2007 and already renewed EAD once. I am planning to File AC21 now and AR 11 (Moved to another city in the same State). Below is the the AC21...
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    Same doubt as others!

    Hello All, I am on H1b and have an EAD in hand, and My 140 is approved and met the criteria of 180 days for changing jobs. Planning to move to another company invoking AC21 (not yet decided whether to invoke AC21 at the time of changing job or submit AC21 if asked by USCIS); I know it should...
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    Can (I) you believe this ?????

    Today I called TSC 1 800 number and found out that my Name check, Back ground check and finger print check has been cleared on Nov 12 2007. I don't know whether to believe this or not, because I have just submitted my 485 in July 2007 and only in 4 and half months it got cleared? To make...
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    Question on EAD, H4 and school

    Hello All, I am on H1 and my wife on H4 and valid until Sept 2010, we got our EAD and AP. I may use my EAD after the 180 days which is Jan 2008. My wife wants to go to college for MS this comming fall 2008. Now my questions are 1) If she goes to college what will be her status? 2) If I...
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    Any comments?

    Guys, As you see my sign, filed 485 on July 2nd and got my EAD and AP, done with the FP's. Now I know one have to wait until s/he gets the actual card. My question is about the Name check and back ground check. As a Canadian Permanent resident I have submitted FP results to the Canadian...
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    Documents mailed to applicant

    What kind of status does this mean? As you see my sign, there are 2 LUD's 09/14 and 09/17 on my file after the finger print. What kind of document this could be? Thanks!
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    What should I do?

    My wife and son got FP notices few days ago scheduled for this Thursday, I did not get my FP notice yet and I am worried because mine is scheduled on Friday. How do I know? My lawyer sent me an copy of the FP notice which she got it. What should I do now? Can I take the copy of the FP notice to...
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    Does kids below 14 require FP's?

    My spouse and kid got FP notices today 09/04/2007. I think FP's not required to kids below 14, then why did they send notice to my kid?
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    In this Situation, what options I have?

    Hello All, I need your advice, I am in my 7th year H1b, working at a client place, my company applied for Labor in March 2005 (TR), and recently in this month we have converted to "RIR" and it is in process. Now, Client is considering me for a full time employement. What should I do? I...