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    Lost(kinda) I-94 Situation.. please help

    I boarded the Lufthansa flight in Chicago going to Frankfurt. Then due to mechanical problem, the flight was brought back to the gate and rescheduled for next day. Next day I found out I didn't have to travel at all and hence canceled the trip at the airport lufthansa counter and I got my...
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    EAD card has incorrect expiration date?!?

    I posted this somewhere else but here it is in the right place: My EAD card was approved June 6th but instead of June 5th 2008, the expiration date on the card was printed to Jan 5th 2008. Does this mean I have to go thru' the whole filing process for a replacement EAD card? Are there...
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    EAD card has incorrect expiration date?!?

    Card was approved June 6th. The expiration date on the card being Jan 5th. How do we rectify this mistake? Any such experiences?
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    To call for Biometrics appointment or wait for the mailed notice?

    last year when I efiled my EAD case, I had to call the 1800 number to schedule biometrics appointment. But this year in the confirmation receipt notice, it says that BCIS will schedule the appointment! So we just have to wait for the mailed notice? Or just go ahead and call the 1800 anyways...
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    I-485 finger printing notice while being overseas?

    I will be gone for 2 months overseas (I will use AP for re-entry). How to handle when USCIS sends a notice to appear for finger-printing during my absence. They are only giving 10day notice for the appointment. Has anyone been in a situation like this?
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    EAD Renewal Approved. I-485 LUD changed too?

    I applied for my EAD Renewal last month and it was approved yesterday. Got the usual flood of approval emails in my in-box. I logged in to case status online portfolio and found out my LUD for I-485 finally changed to 07/20/2005 from 09/04/2004 (yes after a long time). Does this happen...